After Spring.

Fair as a maiden’s dream1
The happy land in changing glory lies ;2
The swallow skims the stream,3
Chasing its shadow o’er the mirrored skies ;4
Faint whispers haunt the trees ;5
Music hangs in the clouds and melts upon the breeze.6
In dainty pink and white7
The bowery orchards toss their foam-flakes high,8
Swinging their seas of light9
Against the mellow radiance of the sky ;10
Loosened by hands unseen,11
The wind-cuff’d petals fall, to wilt on carpets green.12
Touched with the year’s delight13
The rich rank buttercups like wild fire run ;14
Daisies, in kirtles white,15
Dance on the lawn, and blush beneath the sun ;16
The bracken’s silvery ball17
Creeps up its naked stem, and spreads a shade o’er all.18
Adown the leafy lane19
The lads and lasses gather love and flowers ;20
The cuckoo’s plaintive strain21
Beguiles at intervals the listening hours ;22
With every morning’s dew23
Heaven gains a higher dome, and earth a clearer view.24
Far from the smoky town25
The elves and sprites hide in the truant shades,26
And sail their skiffs adown27
The winding music of the golden glades :28
Their boats are blades of grass,29
And weaving coats for summer flowers they sing and pass.30
All lovely sights appear31
The mystic porch and fading vestibule32
Of visions lovelier ;33
The streams run deep with thought ; each wayside pool,34
A glimpse of fleeting sky,35
Dazzles in broken sunlight as the breezes fly.36
Summer has wed the Year ;37
He woo’d in April, and he won in May ;38
In every thicket near,39
Unseen, they celebrate their nuptials gay ;40
June is their first-born child :41
Bluebells are in her eyes : her cheeks are roses wild.42
Soon shall her maiden form43
Mature in queenliest beauty, rich and tender ;44
Her breath blow soft and warm,45
Her yellow tresses waft in dreamy splendour ;46
Her smile shall hush the sky,47
And in her lap asleep, the birds and flowers shall lie.48