The Humblest.

Who comes the humblest of Thy children, Lord ?1
Is it the soul, astray in word and deed,2
Till, driven to Thee, by some stinging need3
(Knit by Thy kindness, of Thine own love’s cord !)4
He finds Thee, waiting that he be restored ?5
Or he, who wilfully shut out Thy light6
Because he willed to work the works of night7
Till through his rending life, Thy glory poured8
Leaves him no nook to hide in ?  Nay, not those :9
But he who sought Thy light and wrought his best,10
Yet turns to Thee, his weakness all confessed,11
Because the evil in his good he knows12
And feels he dare not by Thy Truth be seen13
Until Thy Love has washed his virtues clean !14