A Ballade of the Prince of All.

Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour.”
Alway is the soul of man a craver1
Of beauty and peace and righteousness ;2
But faint hearts falter, and weak wills waver3
In the sordid conflict and bitter stress ;4
And the world grows more and Thou art less,5
And Satan’s arm hath the strength of ten6
Christ Jesu, pity our helplessness,7
Assoil the sorrows of sinful men.8
The pride of life, ’tis a subtle enslaver,9
Betraying man’s soul with a soft caress ;10
Than the hearts of most his heart is braver11
Who never hath known the Siren’s kiss,12
And hath no dark moments to confess13
With issues reaching beyond his ken14
Christ Jesu, pity our heedlessness,15
Assoil the sorrows of sinful men.16
With shadowed faces we seek Thy favour,17
Earth-moiled rags are our mortal dress ;18
The wine of life had a strong sweet savour,19
But its lees were gall and bitterness.20
There is but one God can ban or bless,21
And the world must turn to Him again22
Christ Jesu, pity our faithlessness,23
Assoil the sorrows of sinful men.24


Prince of the kings of the earth, World-Saviour,25
When Thou comest into Thy kingdom, then26
Remember in ruth our sad behaviour27
Assoil the sorrows of sinful men.28