The Venetians

Figure descriptions
Two Venetian women converse while sitting on outdoor steps next to a body of water. The woman at the bottom of the steps dips a piece of fabric in the water and looks up toward the other woman. The woman at the top of the stairs holds fabrics in her lap and fans herself while looking down at her companion. Pottery and textiles sit on the steps beside them. There is a busy street behind the central women. At the far left, a man bends over to pick up a pile of pumpkins. To the right of this man, a veiled woman and a girl walk side by side. The woman carries and baby and the girl carries a small pumpkin. A woman and a girl walk in front of them. The second woman holds a vessel at her side. At the far left, two men sit at a table in front of a shop. A white dog walks behind the women on the stairs. Building façades are visible behind the crowd.