The Soul’s Surrender

If Thou wilt take my heart, O God,1
And mould it to Thy will,2
Then through the stormy scenes of life3
I shall be calm and still.4
It is not great things Thou dost ask5
Of Thy disciples, Lord,6
But what of good they each can do7
By helpful deed or word.8
While some bear on the battle-field9
The standard of the Cross,10
Some are by humbler offices11
Refined of earthly dross.12
The grape is trodden in the press13
To yield the quickening wine,14
And souls by sorrow only, win15
The brotherhood Divine.16
There is no death save fear of death ;17
The soul that once is free18
Shall find beyond the veil of Time19
But larger liberty.20
Then will I, Lord, await the end21
With no unfilial dread,22
And listen for Thy voice to call23
The Living from the Dead.24