‘Et Sunt Commercia Coeli’

Figure descriptions
Two-part illustration. In the first part, at the top of the page, a woman kneels next to a man who lies on a tiled floor. The woman holds her arms out at her sides while looking down at the man. The man’s eyes are closed and he holds one hand on his stomach and one hand on his pelvis. There is a piece of cloth underneath his body and his head is held up by a small block. There are three rectangular columns at the right side of the room and an open door in the background. In the second part, at the bottom of the page, a man sits on a chair in a tiled room. He embraces and cradles a second figure in his lap. There are two identical alcoves behind the figures. The alcoves have curved top edges. Both parts of the full-page illustration are contained within double-ruled borders. The outer lines of the borders are thick and the inner lines are thin. A caption to both parts of the illustration appears at the bottom-left corner of the page.