A Question and an Answer.

The Question :

What is Love ? Is Love in this,1
That flies between us, in a kiss ?2
Nay, what is Love ? Is Love the zest,3
That wakes, when I unloose my breast ?4
But what is Love ? Say now : who knows,5
Or where he lurks, or how he shows ?6

The Answer :

Celia, Truth is harsh, I fear :7
Love, as yet, can scarce be here.8
Love is poor ; nay, Love is sorry ;9
Tears, not kisses, chiefly stay him :10
His sad weeds best tell his story ;11
Vain delights befool, bewray him.12
Truth, alas ! is hard to bear :13
Know, as yet, Love is not here.14
But, when the evil days are come,15
If those same lips, which kiss you now,16
Still make your tearful eyes their home,17
And chide the sorrow from your brow,18
Then say to your own heart, my dear :19
Abide, poor heart, for Love is here.20
Love is a light, in darkened ways ;21
Love is a path, in pathless lands ;22
Love is a fire, in winter days ;23
A staff, in chill, unsteady hands.24
Speak to your heart, my own, my dear ;25
Say : this is Love, and Love is here.26