Where Dwell the Dead ?

Where do they dwell ? ’Neath grassy mounts, by
Lilies, and yellow-cups of fairest gold ;2
Near grey-grown walls, where in wild, tortuous
Old clustering ivy wreathes in many a fold :4
Where in red summer noons5
Fresh leaves are rustling,6
Where ’neath large autumn moons7
Young birds are nestling8
Do they dwell there ?9
Where do they dwell ? In sullen waters, lying10
On beds of purple sea-flowers newly sprung ;11
Where the mad whirlpool’s wild and ceaseless
Frets sloping banks, by dark green reeds o’erhung :13
Where, by the torrent’s swell,14
Crystal stones glitter,15
While sounds the heavy bell :16
Over the river17
Do they dwell there ?18
No : for in these they slumber to decay,19
And their remembrance with their life departs ;20
They have a home,—nor dark, nor far away21
Their proper home,—within our faithful hearts22
There happy spirits wed,23
Loving for ever ;24
There dwell with us, the dead,25
Parting—ah, never26
There do they dwell !27