“ Battle With Life !”

Bear thee up bravely,1
Strong heart and true !2
Meet thy woes gravely,3
Strive with them too !4
Let them not win from thee.5
Tear of regret,6
Such were a sin from thee,7
Hope for good yet !8
Rouse thee from drooping,9
Core-laden soul ;10
Mournfully stooping11
’Neath grief’s control !12
Far o’er the gloom that lies,13
Shrouding the earth,14
Light from eternal skies15
Shows us thy worth.16
Nerve thee yet stronger,17
Resolute mind !18
Let care no longer19
Heavily bind.20
Rise on thy eagle wings21
Gloriously free !22
Till from material things23
Pure thou shalt be !24
Bear ye up bravely,25
Soul and mind too !26
Droop not so gravely,27
Bold heart and true !28
Clear rays of streaming light29
Shine through the gloom,30
God’s love is beaming bright31
E’en round the tomb !32