The Home of Affection.

Oh ! how shall I woo thee, beloved, for my bride ?1
No gems, no rich stores can I tender ;2
I cannot adorn thee in trappings of pride,3
Or lead thee to circles of splendour :4
My dwelling can boast of no ornaments rare5
To court and repay thy inspection ;6
Yet peace might perchance be thy lot, wouldst thou share7
With thy lover his Home of Affection.8
Here, waiting thy touch, is a lute ready strung ;9
Here are songs of all nations and ages ;10
Here are books, each disclosing in eloquent tongue11
The thoughts of bards, statesmen, and sages ;12
Here the half-speaking works of the artist abound,13
Fair flowers crave thy care and direction,14
And birds softly warble, and trees wave around15
My calm, sheltered Home of Affection.16
We will learn of each other with patience to bear17
All changes in life’s varied weather,18
We will kneel to the Lord in the still time of prayer,19
And ask for His guidance together ;20
Thy spirit shall daily draw nearer to mine,21
And thou never shalt think in dejection22
Of the time when I wooed thee the world to resign,23
And to dwell in my Home of Affection.24