Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Thy mother’s spirit, O my child,1
Unto its God will soon have flown,2
And thou wilt in the world run wild,3
Friendless, forsaken, and alone.”4
Hold ! ” softly whispered at her ear5
An angel’s voice, “ Confide in me,6
I will thy orphan daughter rear.”7
Thy name ? ”  “ They call me Charity.”8
Bless thee ; but say, who will inspire9
Her soul unto its God to turn,10
Who will direct her with what fire11
A holy bosom ought to burn ? ”12
I, who now cheer thy dying bed,”13
Another voice angelic saith ;14
By me thy daughter shall be led15
To know her God ; —my name is Faith.”16
But should she be by woe opprest,17
In spite of all thy guardian care,18
Who will bring courage to her breast,19
And drive away from thence despair ? ”20
Again was heard a seraph’s voice,—21
Who gave thee fainting power to cope22
With every worldly ill ? rejoice,23
Thou dying Christian, I am Hope.”24