A mother sits with a child, who is resting asleep on her lap at night. The mother’s head is turned slightly to her left. There is a body of water surrounded by large trees in the background. There is a single star next to a waxing crescent moon in the sky. A wooden gate is left open behind the mother and child. A dog sits at the mother’s feet with its head turned in the same direction as the mother. Full-page illustration.

The Exile’s Wife to Her Sleeping Child.

My child, arise !  Alas, how calm the sleep1
From which I must arouse thee ! and how deep2
Thy slumber !  Wake, my own, my precious child !3
Light of my lonely heart ! thou hast beguiled4
Me of my grief in many a sad, sad hour,5
And chased back half my cares !  My household flower !6
My bud of promise, yet but newly blown !7
My darling child ! my beautiful ! my own !8
And still thou sleepest !  Still those soft eyes close9
In infancy’s soft rest and calm repose.10
They say that angels whisper words of love11
To infant dreamers ; is it thus, my dove ?12
Do visions greet thee of that glorious band13
Who round the throne of God rejoicing stand ?14
And now a smile lights up thy placid brow,15
What are thy visions, infant ? what are now16
Thy thoughts, my gentle child ?  Oh, pure and bright,17
They are of heaven, and fill thy soul with light !18
But must there come for thee a future day,19
When all thy present peace shall pass away,20
When the cold world shall point its venomed dart,21
And tales unfold which from thy loving heart22
Will chase the calm, sweet joy, that now has shed23
A halo, darling, round thy bright young head ?24
Oh, heavenly Father ! Thou who oft hast smiled25
Upon the friendless, shield,—oh shield my child !26
Conduct her where her infancy has flown,27
And lead her safe to Thee,—my beautiful ! my own !28