I do not idly cast1
My song upon the breeze,2
For I do hope at last3
That some propitious blast4
May bear it, on its pinion, o’er the seas,5
And, piercing crowded hall and busy mart,6
May bring it to the chambers of thine heart !7
Reminding thee of hours8
Once bright, but vanish’d now,9
As scents of passing flowers10
Bear thee to childhood’s bowers,11
Though manhood’s cares are stamped upon thy brow,12
And, like those speaking flowers, my song will be13
Fraught with a sweet though mournful memory.14
But do not dwell too long15
Upon its saddest chords,16
For, hearken ! blessings throng17
My fond and fervent song,18
Blessings breathed out in deep and heartfelt words.19
Oh, that their fervour could but bring to thee20
E’en half the peace their feeling brings to me !21
The heart thou mad’st thine own22
Not lightly gave its love,23
Therefore beneath the frown24
Of fate it can bend down,25
And lift thy name all other names above.26
Not violent, nor weak, but deep and pure27
Is love which thus can pray, and thus endure.28