‘Six of One and Half-a Dozen of the Other’

Figure descriptions
Illustration is divided into multiple parts. The top half of the illustration depicts a man sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe, and reading a book. The top of his head has transformed into a chimney flue, which emits dark smoke. Behind him, there are two cherubs. One cherub flies on a pipe, which emits light smoke. The other cherub stands with both hands on a scholar’s cap. In front of the man, there is a woman in a very full dress. She turns her head away from the man and holds her arms in front of her face, as if shielding herself from the smoke. Behind her, a third cherub in a hoop skirt flies into the top-left corner away from the other figures. The cherub’s skirt is encircled by a puff of light smoke. Another hoop skirt stands on the ground beneath the cherub, trapping four men in its dome. Billows of smoke separate the top half of the illustration from the bottom half; the smoke also divides the bottom half of the illustration into two sections. The left section depicts the aforementioned woman standing beside her hoop skirt and lighting it on fire. She now wears a form-fitting dress. An anthropomorphic pipe with a long stem pops out of the centre of the ignited hoop skirt. It appears to yell at the man, who shields his face and turns away. The right section depicts the man and the woman holding hands. The woman also holds a bouquet of flowers. Behind them, there is a faint dream-like outline of an unhappy woman in a hoop skirt. 1/2 page.