What is that sacred well,1
Wherein, as poets tell2
(And they are wise),3
Shut in its deeps fair Truth for ever lies ?4
My tongue is silent, but my thought replies5
Your eyes !”6
What are those queenly stars7
That o’er the violet bars8
Of sunset rise,9
One in the wave, the other on the skies ?10
How near my lips the loving answer lies11
Your eyes !”12
And what is that clear hue,13
That frank wide-open blue,14
That still surprise,15
When from the lake its fringe of shadow flies ?16
Low in my heart persistent echo cries17
Your eyes !”18
So many sights around !19
Such musical soft sound20
And witchery21
Of airs that rock the blossom and the bee !22
Yet nothing shines, or speaks, or sings for me23
But she :24
All things are shows of her ;25
And she, the interpreter,26
Gliding above27
The silent waters, or the sleepy grove,28
Doth swiftly make this dead earth live and move29
With love.30
What if, in such a mood,31
Her very womanhood32
Should come in view,33
With eyes thus bright, thus truthful, and thus blue ?34
Ah, would she halt and give my spirit true35
Its due ?36