The Gloves.

A woman is sleeping on a bench in front of a tree. Her head is resting on her right hand. An open book is placed on her lap. A man stands behind the tree with his left arm raised; he is looking at the woman. Illustration is contained within a single-ruled oval border. That oval border is contained within a single-ruled square border. In each corner of the square, supernatural, child-like beings are placed in each corner; each being is playing with gloves. 1/2 page.
It was a sunny summer’s day, 1
The flowers deck’d dale and hill ; 2
And gurglingly the streamlet ran 3
That turn’d the clatt’ring mill. 4
The murmurous flies of every tint 5
Flew glittering through the air ; 6
And buzzing bees did from the limes 7
Their precious treasures bear.8
The air was languid, calm, and sweet, 9
With fragrance overlaid ; 10
The slenderest grass unruffled stood, 11
The trees no rustle made. 12
A slumb’rous feeling over all 13
Its gentle influence shed ; 14
The lark could scarcely warble, as 15
He floated overhead.16
And ’neath a broad far-spreading beech 17
A lovely girl reposed ; 18
The deep-fringed curtains of her eyes 19
Serenely o’er them closed. 20
Her bright brown hair in clusters fell 21
Upon her healthy cheek ; 22
Her rosy lips were parted as 23
Some gracious words to speak.24
A sunbeam glinting thro’ the tree 25
Play’d on her forehead fair ; 26
And still more bright and glowing made 27
The glory’ of her hair. 28
I stood and gazed upon that face 29
As beautiful as Love’s ; 30
Nor wonder you, if stooping low, 31
I—won a pair of gloves.32