In the Woods.

Forest scene featuring a man, a bird, trees, and a stream. A large tree occupies the centre of the illustration; its roots extend out of the earth and into a stream in the foreground. Behind the tree and to the left, a man approaches with a walking staff. A bird perches on a rock to the left of the tree. Various plants, grasses, and trees fill in the background. 1/2 page contained within a single-ruled border. The top two corners of the illustration are curved.
From under the moss, from under the stone;1
From under the roots of trees,2
I can hear a rill’s soft tremulous tone,3
Though it roams where no one sees :4
’Tis now mid the grasses high, 5
And now ’neath the hawthorn gay ;6
With never a song, yet often a sigh,7
It glides on its wearisome way.8
I follow the sound to a willowy dell ;9
Another low voice I hear,10
From a purling brook and I love it well,11
With its deep pools, bright and clear :12
The purling brook knows the tremulous tone13
Of the modest rill, there wandering lone,14
And whispers, My love, draw near.15
From amid the fronds of a flow’ring fern16
I can hear the answer given17
I come, I come,—delighted I turn,18
For love on this earth is heaven.19
Now listen the sedges nigh,20
Now listen the kingcups fair :21
’Tis ever a song, and never a sigh,22
Fall the sun or the moonbeams there.23