‘Taken from Life’

Figure descriptions
On the left side of the illustration, a man and a woman stand facing one another. The woman sews a button onto the man’s shirt. Enlarged objects sit in front of them, including an inkpot, quills, a threaded needle, and a spool. One cherub walks on a line of thread suspended between the needle and the spool, and two other cherubs play on the quills. On the right side of the illustration, a man kneels down with his back turned towards the viewer. There are pots, lids, and plates scattered on the floor beside him. Some of the kitchen ware is broken. At the far right, a kettle emits a cloud of steam that surrounds the entire illustration. Above the kettle, a woman stands and holds household objects (either a broom and dustpan or a set of fireplace tools). At the top of the illustration, between the left and right sections, three women sit and look down at the other scenes. There are stars scattered around the women. 1/2 page.