A Legend of Carlisle : The Scottish Gate.

A woman sits against a low stone wall. She is shown in profile and turns away from the viewer. The woman wears a large shawl that drapes over her head, shoulders, and upper body. She clasps her hands below her chin and leans her elbows on the wall. Two men stand together in the background (they appear to be in conversation). The three figures stand on a cobblestone street and are surrounded by stone buildings. 2/3 page contained within a single-ruled rectangular border.
On Carlisle-Gate the moon shines clear,1
Up-rising o’er the lea ;2
On Carlisle-Gate the sun burns red,3
Slow sinking in the sea.4
On Carlisle-Gate their rays light soft5
A young man’s blanching face,6
Its long fair hair, its drooping lids—7
On the neck a crimson trace.8
By Carlisle-Gate a watcher sits,9
Nor heeds each passer-by :10
In lonely tryst, at prime and eve,11
Close-veiled from every eye.12
By Carlisle-Gate the stranger waits—13
They know not whence she came14
They speak of Rizpah, as they mark15
The Maid without a name.16
By Carlisle-Gate on Him she looks17
With eyes that cannot weep ;18
They slew Him when Prince Charles had fled19
From yonder Castle-keep.20
By Carlisle-Gate the sundown saw21
The Watcher and the Dead ;22
By Carlisle-Gate no dawn beheld23
The Maiden or the Head.24