A Dead Man’s Message. (Paraphrased from Arabic Verses Quoted By Mogreeth, at Bahrein.—See Palgrave’s Arabia)

Figure descriptions
Five figures gather around a man’s covered corpse. All depicted figures are dressed in flowing robes and either head scarves or hats. The men all have dark beards. A man kneels on the floor next to the corpse’s head. He looks at a rising cloud of smoke which emits from a small lamp on the floor. The shadowy illusion of a man appears to stand within the smoke. The figure resembles the corpse lying in the background. Two women sit on the floor in front of the lamp. The first woman turns away from the viewer; she leans her body into the second woman and holds onto her arm, moving her body away from the lamp. The second woman is depicted in profile view; she gazes at the man in the smoke. A man and a woman sit in the background on either side of the corpse. The man also looks at the smoke while the woman turns away. 2/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.