Up from the glowing South—with azure eyes,1
All sleepy with the flash of brilliant dyes2
Of ruby-tinted bird, gleam-painted butterflies,3
Gold-paven shore and lily-crested river,4
Where gilded insects ’mongst lush emerald quiver,5
And all the perfumes of spice islands breathe,6
And silver webs the waves round rocks of coral
All gathered in the meshes of her rainbow net,8
The gorgeous hues with dimmer pearls beset9
She flings before her. Like to reed-tuned note,10
Such as from shepherd’s pipe o’er some lone mere
may float,
So sounds the soft wind-whisper of her voice12
Coming ! O dull, dead earth arise ! rejoice !13
The Easter of the year is come—wake up to life !”14
The challenge rings far to the snow-bound North ;15
The Ice-King trembles— “ Up, ye warriors—forth !16
Hear ye the swift-winged chargers cleave the air ?17
An army comes !”  Nay, but a maiden fair18
Smiles on the Winter-King in his despair ;19
And he his death-fraught sceptre throwing down,20
Kisses her outstretched hand, and yields his crown.21
And through the mountain gorges sounds her voice22
Coming! O death-chained waters—live! rejoice !23
The Easter of the year is come—wake up to life !”24
A liquid murmur, like the west-wind stroke25
Of Eolus on silver lute-strings, broke26
The silence ; then a cadence wild and sharp,27
Like to mad, fitful chords on untuned harp ;28
And with a passionate and thundering roar,29
From thousand rocks the swelling waters pour30
Till, tuned to melody, they sweep along,31
And in the smiling vales lift up their Easter song.32
Awake, ye buds and blossoms! Perfume sweet33
Steals through the air, her dainty steps to greet.34
Bursts forth the dappled bloom from orchards gay.35
Earth’s primrose stars shine out. The clustering
Hens o’er the green-grown hedge with sudden
Pure Easter-garb after the long death-night.38
Lo ! at her voice fair Nature bursts the tomb,39
And rises glorious in fresh beauty’s bloom.40
Type of a fairer spring-time yet to be,41
When mortal shall wake up to immortality.42
O, all ye living ones, lift up your voice43
Coming !  O dull, dead hearts arise ! rejoice !44
The Easter of the year is come—wake up to life.”45