Mrs. Jones’s Lodger. A Legend of Southend

Figure descriptions
Caricature-like illustration composed of multiple parts. The boundaries among illustrated parts are blurred. The poem title, “Mrs. Jones’s Lodger”, appears slightly off-center. The letter “M” is formed from the veranda of a large house at the left side of the illustration. The façade of the house extends the full page width. A sign that reads “APARTMENTS” hangs on the right side beside a curtained window. An enlarged man with an exaggerated head emerges from an opening below the “M”-shaped veranda. He is shown from the waist-up, wearing a top hat and giving a thumbs-up gesture. Below him, there is a stack of envelopes as well as the word “UNPAID”. At the top of the illustration, a cat stands on the two peaks of the veranda. It arches its back and it appears to be vocalizing. Between the cat’s legs, there is a waning crescent moon with a smiling face. There is a second scene above the house. In this scene, two women with enlarged heads work together to move a large trunk. One woman pulls the trunk, while the other woman pushes it. Three smaller figures occupy the space between the women’s heads. In this space, a man carrying an umbrella talks to a woman; another man holds the first man’s hat and carries a large trunk on his shoulders. To the right and below the poem title, an angry woman looks into an empty trunk. A man, who is turned away from the viewer, also peers into the trunk. To the left of the trunk, there are bottles, a pipe, a box, a pouch, and a circular cushion. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.