Pizarro here was born ; a greater name1
The list of glory boasts not, toil and pain,2
Famine, and hostile elements, and hosts3
Embattled, failed to check him in his course ;4
Not to be wearied, not to be deterred,5
Not to be overcome. A mighty realm6
He overran, and with relentless arms7
Slew or enslaved its unoffending sons,8
And wealth, and power, and fame, were his rewards.9
There is another world beyond the grave,10
According to their deeds where men are judged.11
O reader ! if thy daily bread be earned12
By daily labour,—yea, however low,13
However wretched be thy lot assigned,14
Thank thou, with deepest gratitude, the God15
Who made thee, that thou art not such as he16