Low sighs the wind, the slanting sun beams pale ;1
Calm lies the sea, for Halcyon days are come.2
Hushed wintry gale, and tempests’ fury dumb,3
While broods, wave-rocked, the bird her nestlings frail.4
The myth extinct, lo ! from its ashes springs5
Eternal Truth. December’s mantle cold,6
Christ, the Child-King, envelops in its fold ;7
Peace and goodwill to man Immanuel brings.8
And thus the winter solstice, herald grim,9
Proclaims of love, infinity, and might.10
The day-star rises though earth’s sun wanes dim,11
And floods the world with Faith’s supernal light.12
Christ lulls the storm, and bids us rest in Him13
Through endless days, that know nor cloud nor night.14