Still the Skylark Sang.

All was bleak, all was bare,1
How could it venture, how could it
dare ?
Still the skylark sang.3
Night was coming, night so bleak ;4
Spring not near for many a week ;5
Still the skylark sang.6
What did it wish for, why did it sing ?7
How could it lift so brave a wing ?8
Still the skylark sang.9
Winter still there, with March so chill,10
Yet aloft of its own free will11
Loud its anthem rang.12
Brave little heart, brave little heart,13
Rain, cold, gloom, and chill apart,14
Still the skylark sang.15
Pain and trouble, fear and doubt,16
Taught by sorrow within, without,17
By many a pang ;18
Heart be brave, heart be true,19
Till at last ’tis said that you,20
Like the skylark, sang.21