A Southern Song.

Love kissed my eyes, until they grew1
To sun and moon serenely blind,2
Nor saw the shining stars, nor knew3
The delicate presence of the wind,4
Singing the rose’s heart away,5
Through many a golden summer day.6
Love kissed my eyes, and then he flew7
Across the world, nor looked behind ;8
The terrible mistral rose and blew,9
Far off the hills frowned, snow-enshrined10
And wan and comfortless as they,11
The sea crept near, athirst to slay !12
Ah, happy eyes that never drew13
Love’s wanton kiss, ye shall not find14
Life’s prison-house too strait for you,15
Nor death a terror half divined !16
Sweeter than birds’ ’mid scented may17
The songs ye sing, the prayers ye pray !18