Taylor, Tom (M)

Surname: Taylor
Forename(s): Tom
b. 19 October 1817. d. 12 July 1880. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Prolific playwright, comic writer, poet, and art critic. Educated at the University of Glasgow and Trinity College, Cambridge. Lived in London from 1844. Married composer Laura Wilson Barker on 19 June 1855, and their home on Lavender Sweep, by Clapham Common, became a social centre for prominent artistic, literary, and political figures. Major contributor to Punch, becoming editor in 1874. Worked as a lawyer and served on the Board of Health. Poetry volumes include the verse dramas Twixt Axe and Crown (1870) and Jeanne Darc (1871). Art critic for The Times (from 1857) and The Graphic (1870s). Biographical information: ODNB. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 10
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Magenta 1859-07-02 Once a Week Poet 196
Baron Jauïoz. (From the Breton) 1859-08-06 Once a Week Translator 204
The Plague of Elliant. (From the Breton) 1859-10-15 Once a Week Translator 226
The Lord of Nann and the Fairy. (From the Breton) 1859-11-26 Once a Week Translator 238
Noménoë. (Literally rendered from the Breton) 1860-05-12 Once a Week Translator 269
“The Battle of the Thirty.” A Breton Ballad 1862-02-01 Once a Week Translator 877
The Crusader’s Wife. (Literally Translated from the Breton) 1862-05-10 Once a Week Translator 897
The Drowning of Kaer-Is. (Literally Translated from the Breton) 1862-06-14 Once a Week Translator 901
The March of Arthur. (From the Breton) 1863-04-11 Once a Week Translator 476
The Breton Mother 1866-02-10 Once a Week Poet 13404