Banks, Isabella Varley (F)

Surname: Banks (née Varley)
Forename(s): Isabella
b. 25 March 1821. d. 4 May 1897. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Lecturer, poet, novelist. Née Varley. Alternative signature: Mrs. George Linnaeus Banks. Became a member of the ladies’ committee of the Anti-Corn Law League in 1842. Married George Linnaeus Banks on 27 December 1846. Author of three books of poetry, Ivy Leaves: a Collection of Poetry (1844), Daisies in the Grass (1865, co-authored with her husband), and the illustrated Ripples and Breakers: a Volume of Verse (1878). Author twelve novels, including God’s Providence House (1865) and The Manchester Man (1870), and three collections of stories. Contributed to the journals edited by her husband, such as the Harrowgate Advertiser, the Birmingham Mercury, and the Dublin Daily Express. Supporter of women’s suffrage. Biographical information: ODNB. (DD)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 12
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Bird in the Linden 1869-02 The Argosy Poet 16243
The Grey Monk’s Miserere 1869-10-23 All the Year Round Poet 3708
Chant of Storm Winds 1870-02-05 All the Year Round Poet 3808
Oh, Say!  1870-04 The Argosy Poet 16268
Ah, Me! 1871-01-07 Once a Week Poet 13608
My Mother’s Old Shoe. A City Merchant’s Retrospect 1871-02 The Argosy Poet 16284
The Herald of Summer 1872-03-23 All the Year Round Poet 4062
Forgotten! 1873-08 The Argosy Poet 16324
Craving Rest 1873-10-04 All the Year Round Poet 4169
The Lovers’ Hour 1874-02 The Argosy Poet 16334
Life’s Song and Sunshine 1874-10 The Argosy Poet 16348
Bridal Robes 1876-08 The Argosy Poet 16391