Blagden, Isa (F)

Surname: Blagden
Forename(s): Isabella Jane
d. 20 January 1873. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Novelist and poet. Pseudonyms: An English Lady, J. F. G., J. T. Gozes, Ivory Beryl. Alternative signature: I. Blagden. Born 30 June 1816/1817 in the East Indies. Probably educated at Louisa Agassiz’s school for ladies in Regents Park, London. Lived in Florence from c. February 1850 and quickly became an integral figure within Anglo-Italian circles. Close friend of the Brownings, the Trollopes, Edward and Robert Bulwer Lytton, and Linda White Mazzini. Death register in Florence states she was a Swiss national, and there were contemporary rumours that she was Anglo-Indian and illegitimate, but she identified as English. Author of Poems (1873), posthumously published, as well as several novels including Agnes Tremorne (1861). Buried in the Protestant Cemetery, Florence. Biographical information: ODNB, Orlando, Isa Blagden (19 July 2020). (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 8
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Light and Dark 1858-05-01 The English Woman’s Journal Poet 1558
The Seasons in Italy 1864-04-23 Once a Week Poet 579
Gibson’s Studio. On the basso relievo of The Hours Leading the Horses of the Sun, and on other works there 1866-03-10 All the Year Round Poet 3209
Alice 1866-11-17 Once a Week Poet 13480
A Portrait, From Memory 1868-10-03 All the Year Round Poet 3313
Orphanhood 1869-09-25 All the Year Round Poet 3705
Rome. 1870. Written on the Eve of the Entrance of the Italian Troops into Rome 1871-06-17 All the Year Round Poet 4015
The Invitation 1872-11-30 All the Year Round Poet 4128