Horne, Richard Hengist (M)

Surname: Horne
Forename(s): Richard Hengist
b. 31 December 1802. d. 13 March 1884. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, journalist, and critic. Borne Richard Henry Horne, and changed middle name to Hengist in 1867. Edited Monthly Repository (1836-1837) and member of William Johnson Fox’s circle. Branch editor for Daily News in Ireland (1845-1846). Sub-editor on Household Words (December 1849-1852). Emigrated to Australia in 1852, returning to England in 1869. Pseudonym: A Solitary Student. Biographical information: ODNB.(AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 22
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Examination of the School of Southside 1824-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Editor 10166
Arctic Heroes. A Fragment of Naval History 1850-04-27 Household Words Poet 1074
A Wish 1850-06-08 Household Words Poet 1087
The Orphan’s Voyage Home 1850-06-08 Household Words Editor 1088
A Stroll by Startlight 1850-07-06 Household Words Editor 1107
A Great Man Departed 1850-07-20 Household Words Poet 1110
Lines to a Dead Linnet 1850-08-31 Household Words Poet 1119
A Sacred Grove 1850-09-21 Household Words Poet 1124
The Two Blackbirds 1850-11-09 Household Words Editor 1148
The Youth and the Sage 1850-12-07 Household Words Poet 1153
Household Christmas Carols 1850-12-21 Household Words Poet 1155
The Church Poor-Box 1851-01-25 Household Words Poet 1162
The Smithfield Bull to His Cousin of Nineveh 1851-03-15 Household Words Poet 1174
Answer 1851-06-07 Household Words Poet 12390
The Great Peace-Maker. A Sub-Marine Dialogue 1851-06-14 Household Words Poet 1194
A Word to Young Poets 1851-07-26 Household Words Poet 1203
Arcadia 1851-08-02 Household Words Poet 1204
The Round Game of the Christmas Bowl (The Rhyme) 1851-12-20 Household Words Poet 1549
The Camera-Obscura. A Sunday Morning Lecture 1852-03-20 Household Words Poet 1241
The Cities of Time 1852-08-07 Household Words Poet 1257
The Blue Mountain Exile 1864-10-29 All the Year Round Poet 3181
Unknown Graves. (In Cyprus) 1878-09 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14613