Mew, James (M)

Surname: Mew
Forename(s): James
b. 1837. d. 25 February 1913. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, translator, and barrister. Pseudonym: J. M. Alternative signature: J. Mew. Educated at Wadham College, Oxford, and the Inner Temple. Author of Drinks of the World (1893) and Traditional Aspects of Hell (Ancient and Modern) (1903). Chambers’s Journal ledger entry for Mew’s A Dream of Harvest, published on 29 May 1897, lists his address as North Cray, Kent (NLS Dep 341/371). Additional biographical information: Curran Index; BL; Foster, Men-at-the-Bar, p. 315; Wikipedia (8 October 2021). (AC, CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 21
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Al Fin de la Jornada 1862-12-27 Once a Week Poet 455
Egeria 1863-05-30 Once a Week Poet 490
“The Sirens” 1863-11-21 Once a Week Poet 535
“Weep Thou No More!” 1863-12-26 Once a Week Poet 549
Winter Memories 1864-01-23 Once a Week Poet 555
Proserpine 1864-02-20 Once a Week Poet 559
Hero 1864-03-19 Once a Week Poet 569
A Declaration 1864-07-02 Once a Week Poet 633
Evening 1864-07-16 Once a Week Poet 636
Arethusa 1864-10-01 Once a Week Poet 696
Narcissus 1865-10-14 Once a Week Poet 967
Cupid Crucified 1867-03-02 Once a Week Poet 12122
Pygmalion 1867-03-09 Once a Week Poet 12125
Hymn to Apollo. (From Callimachus) 1867-04-06 Once a Week Translator 12143
Venus Pandemia 1867-07-13 Once a Week Poet 13523
The Unhappy Lover. (After Theocritus, Id. XXIII) 1867-08-10 Once a Week Translator 13533
Cassandra 1867-09-21 Once a Week Poet 13549
Glaucus and Scylla 1867-11-02 Once a Week Poet 13566
Bacchus to Nicæa 1867-11-16 Once a Week Poet 13572
Imma and Eginhart. From de Vigny 1867-11-30 Once a Week Translator 13577
A Dream of Harvest 1897-05-29 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 12668