Rejoice !

In the warm grandeur of the summer-glows,1
Gleaming and cold in Winter’s frozen tears,2
Casting a faded crimson on the snows,3
Beauty in all appears4
The thunder-music of the winter floods,5
The summer calms, the hush of solitudes.6
This crowning beauty breathes upon the face,7
Up through the fine pores of the scented flowers,8
In the still stars her looks of love we trace9
On quiet midnight hours ;10
Her dew-wet kisses to the morn are given ;11
Her lingering blushes tinge the cheek of even.12
Beauty will oft her face in darkness shroud,13
Yet lovely glances struggle through the storm :14
’Tis the black bosom of the rainy cloud15
Wears the bright rainbow’s form.16
A universal love, a good in ill17
Worketh for man, yet cheats his human skill.18
Closed in the city’s cold and granite heart,19
Lulled by the groaning murmur of the wheels,20
The soul is lost in life, becomes a part21
Of the fierce tide that steals22
Throughout the city’s long and sinuous veins,23
The many-sounded streets, the lighted lanes :24
Yet may the heart be far ’mong flowery fells,25
Drinking the drowsy music of the bee,26
Or dreaming joyous in the summer dells27
Wrapt in rich poesy.28
The spirit ne’er is chained by time or place,29
Wild as the swallow in its airy chase.30
Rejoice, O man ! the winds sing out “ Rejoice !”31
Hark ! it is whispered by the falling leaf,32
A grand hope-echo like a seraph voice33
Rings through the night of grief.34
O God ! how barren were thy gift of life35
Devoid of flowers, with nought but weeds of strife !36