A decorative double-ruled border surrounds the poem page. Decorations at each of the four corners give the border a twig-tied appearance. They feature crossed double-ruled bars tied together with string in an X-shaped knot.

The Ignis Fatuus and the Fire.

When first in foolish early days1
I youth and beauty saw,2
And felt within my spirit stir3
True to our Nature’s law ;4
And yet again when other charms5
Once more did strongly move6
And shake my heart, I both times said7
I think this must be love.8
But when at last I met you, dear,9
And got to know your heart,10
And found your beauty was not all,11
But quite the smallest part12
Of such a noble whole as still13
With knowledge nobler grew,14
My heart spoke plainly out, and then15
That this was love I knew.16