A Resurrection.

I look around the earth, and see1
Gay flowers a-bloom once more ;2
I look upon clear skies, whose hue3
Has changed from grey to white and blue ;4
I hear the little brook’s glad chime,5
So often dumb in winter time ;6
I take my share in earth’s new glee,7
For lo ! the winter days are o’er,8
I look into my heart, and see9
A wondrous flower a-bloom,10
A flower like that which long ago11
Lay buried under death’s cold snow ;12
Like that which withered, bloom and leaf,13
Beneath long frosts of bitter grief ;14
Love’s resurrection comes for me,15
As glad spring follows winter gloom,16
I thought it buried with my youth,17
That magic power of love !18
No more, said I, no more for me,19
That wondrous blossom from a tree20
That buds alone for lovers eyes21
In earth’s one, only Paradise !22
But, dear, I lean upon thy truth,23
And trust, as I trust God above !24
Thou wilt not fail me. I have given25
A deeper love to thee,26
Than early youth with all its sighs,27
Its wild, half-selfish ecstasies,28
Could ever feel, could ever know ;29
I love thee, dear, I love thee so,30
To lose thee were like losing heaven.31
But thou art true—thou lovest me !32
Earth rises from the frost-bound sleep33
Of winter drear and long ;34
Spring comes with blossoms in her hand,35
Foretelling summer to the land.36
So, dear, I think that even for me,37
A summer season yet may be,38
Since after silence drear and deep,39
I hear love’s resurrection song !40