Do you remember one far day ?1
We met as usual on the way2
As we were wont to meet ;3
Our lips yet holden by the spell4
Of silence, though our eyes might tell5
hat new-found love was sweet.6
I held a bunch of pansies, blue,7
Yellow, and purple—every hue8
That pansy-flowers can take ;9
You looked at them, you looked at me.10
Oh, Love ! how stormy is the sea11
Thy waves of memory make !12
You looked at me with tender eyes ;13
Love’s rosy dawning filled the skies,14
And grew apace to noon.15
Ah ! is it but a year ago ?16
One fleeting round of sun and snow,17
One Christmastide, one June ?18
Twelve changing months, and now I stand,19
The faded pansies in my hand,20
That were so fresh last year.21
Hath love, too, faded? Love that came22
A better gift than wealth or fame ;23
Your love that was so dear !24
Could not you trust me ?  I am true,25
I would be leal and faithful through26
The worst that fate could bring ;27
In evil, as in happy case,28
In honour, or in shame of face,29
My love would clasp and cling.30
Will you not trust me, dear, and make31
My poor heart—aching for your sake32
Glad with a look, a word ?33
May not these faded pansies speak34
Of love that yet its love shall seek,35
As seeks its mate a bird ?36
I know not ; time alone can tell.37
I wait and hope, all may be well ;38
Nay, all is well to-day :39
I have been loved ; and pansy-flowers40
Of thought shall touch my darkest hours41
With tints of blue and grey.42
I have been loved, though nevermore43
Your eyes meet mine, as heretofore,44
With love that seemed divine.45
I count my losses and my gains ;46
If much be lost yet much remains,47
And all that much is mine.48
I have been loved. It was no dream,49
But blessed surety ; though Fate’s stream50
May part my life from yours,51
You loved me through a long, sweet year,52
And lo ! you must not wonder, dear,53
That my poor love endures.54