Where should we seek for heartsease ?  We who
That precious thing would gain ?2
Dearer than love, since love may change or die ;3
Dearer than fame, that like a flash goes by ;4
The richest gift that, since the world began,5
God gave to man,6
Not in the fret and fever of the strife7
Of busy, onward life ;8
Not in the passionate conflicts of the heart ;9
Not in the lovely cultured world of art ;10
Not in the cloistered students’ living tomb11
Will heartsease bloom.12
But in the sober twilight’s quiet time,13
When, to the evening chime,14
The tired pilgrim walks with patient feet,15
Willing the tasks he yet can do to meet,16
Content with all Heaven portions as his share17
Seek heartsease there.18