The Child in the Midst. (Founded on an old Legend)

Figure descriptions
A girl dances outdoors while holding up the top layer of her skirt. She crosses one foot in front of the other as she dances. The girl wears a long white dress with a flowing skirt and sleeves as well as a floral crown. Figures sit in a circle around the dancer. Behind her, a man plays the flute. To the dancer’s left, a woman holds a tambourine. She holds one arm to her chest as she watches the dancer. A young boy sits behind the woman and holds her arm. He holds up a white flag with his left hand. Flowers, a second floral crown, and a small ball are scattered on the grass. This group of figures gather next to a stone wall. In the background and behind a fence, four figures in dark cloaks observe the group. There are trees and plants in the background and a building in the distance. Full-page illustration contained within a thick, single-ruled border.