Category: At least one illustration is a frontispiece.

At least one illustration is a frontispiece (a full-page illustration opposite the issue/volume title page). The illustration is in portrait orientation. Note distinction from FullPage and FrontispieceRotated.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 75
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
The Parting Charge Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (pseudonym L. E. L.) 1825 Forget-Me-Not 15065
The Mother’s Grave 1827 Forget-Me-Not 15642
The Bridal Morning Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (pseudonym L. E. L.) 1828 Forget-Me-Not 13997
To Selina 1828 The Keepsake 2876
On the Portrait of a Spanish Princess by David Wilkie, Esq. R. A. Ω (poet; Forget-Me-Not) 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15063
The Adieu Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (pseudonym L. E. L.) 1833 The Keepsake 3774
Diana and Endymion Φασν (pseudonym) 1835 Forget-Me-Not 15203
The Brighton Beauty. (Vide Frontispiece) 1836 The Keepsake 6210
The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons Norton, Caroline 1836 The Keepsake 6209
Lady Blanche Laurence, H. 1837 Forget-Me-Not 15775
La Sevillana Hesper (pseudonym) 1838 Forget-Me-Not 15789
To Her Majesty Queen Victoria, on Her Coronation in Westminster Abbey, June 28, 1838 Montgomery, James 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15164
Lines Written Under a Portrait of H. R. H. Prince Albert Beattie, William 1842 The Keepsake 4884
Lines on the Portrait of the Duchesse de Nemours 1843 The Keepsake 4966
Lines on the Portrait of Viscountess Jocelyn P*. (poet; The Keepsake), Power, Marguerite Agnes 1845 The Keepsake 5148
Lines on the Portrait of the Princess Royal Gardiner, Marguerite 1846 The Keepsake 5173
On the Portrait of the Lady Constance Gower Howard, Charles 1849 The Keepsake 5776
On the Portraits of The Princess Marie of Baden, Marchioness of Douglas, and The Earl of Angus Chorley, Henry F. 1851 The Keepsake 5569
On the Portrait of Lady Beaumont Bennoch, Francis 1854 The Keepsake 5639
On the Portrait of Lady Bolton Bennoch, Francis 1855 The Keepsake 5704
On the Portrait of Her Grace The Duchess of Argyll and The Marquis of Lorn Bennoch, Francis 1856 The Keepsake 5727
On the Portrait of Lady Molesworth Chorley, Henry F. 1857 The Keepsake 5756
The Old Shepherd on His Pipe Burnand, Francis Cowley 1867-08-24 Once a Week 13539
A Time of Peace Doudney, Sarah 1882 Good Words 3934
Atalanta Arnold, Edwin 1887-10 Atalanta 1641
Harebells King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1887-11 Atalanta 1683
The Mother’s Choice Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1887-12 Atalanta 1687
Of Certain White Doves Maitland, Ella Fuller 1888-01 Atalanta 1708
The Valentine Strachey, Jane Maria 1888-02 Atalanta 1713
Up, Bonnie Bird! Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym Hugh Haliburton) 1888-03 Atalanta 1765
Ballads of All Countries. Scotland. Katharine Janfarie 1888-04 Atalanta 1769
The Child in the Midst. (Founded on an old Legend) Burke, Christian Caroline Anna 1888-05 Atalanta 1774
Ballads of All Countries. Ireland. Kincora MacLiag, Muircheartach mac Con Ceartaich 1888-06 Atalanta 1776
A Dream-Garden Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1888-08 Atalanta 1784
Ballade of St. Michael Macleod, Mary 1888-09 Atalanta 1787
Exultate Deo Rossetti, Christina G. 1888-10 Atalanta 1828
The Common Joys Robertson, Janet Logie (née Simpson) 1888-11 Atalanta 1831
“All Ends In Song” Maitland, Ella Fuller 1888-12 Atalanta 1836
On the Last Day of the Year Maitland, Ella Fuller 1889-01 Atalanta 1841
The Crocus King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1889-03 Atalanta 1848
May Month Strachey, Jane Maria 1889-05 Atalanta 1928
The Butterflies’ Pedigree Leith, E. 1889-06 Atalanta 1932
Victus Victor. Father Joseph Damien. Went to Molokai Leper Island, 1873. Died 1889 Macleod, Mary 1889-07 Atalanta 1934
From the Heart of the Country Burke, Christian Caroline Anna 1889-08 Atalanta 1938
Their Childhood’s Home King, Violet M. 1889-09 Atalanta 1942
To A Child Who Asked Me For A Poem Noel, Roden 1889-10 Atalanta 1945
Of Celia’s Roses Maitland, Ella Fuller 1889-11 Atalanta 1951
Olaf The Sea-King A Scandanavian Ballad Osgood, Kate Putnam 1889-12 Atalanta 1956
Triolet Rolfe, Frederick William 1890-01 Atalanta 1963
“That Can Sing Both High and Low” Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-03 Atalanta 1972
Caroline Herschel Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1890-04 Atalanta 2029
Early April Noel, Roden 1890-04 Atalanta 1975
Flowers from a Garden Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-05 Atalanta 2031
Dirge Maitland, Ella Fuller 1890-07 Atalanta 2039
The Night My Love Comes Home Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1890-08 Atalanta 2042
A Morning Song Strange, Edward F. 1890-09 Atalanta 2044
“Yea, I Have A Goodly Heritage” Rossetti, Christina G. 1890-10 Atalanta 2047
Junes Long Fled Langbridge, Frederick 1890-11 Atalanta 2051
The Charity of the Countess Kathleen Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1891-02 Atalanta 2065
Flowers at Easter Noel, Roden 1891-04 Atalanta 2075
“The Sweet O’ The Year” Macleod, Mary 1891-05 Atalanta 2077
St. George. (At Venice and at Windsor) Hopkins, Everard 1891-06 Atalanta 2081
The Wind that Kissed the Roses Burnside, Helen Marion 1891-07 Atalanta 2086
A Song of Nereids Noel, Roden 1891-09 Atalanta 2092
Of Love And Life Macleod, Mary 1891-10 Atalanta 2157
For The Master Bain, Charlotte 1891-12 Atalanta 2165
January Kendall, Elsie 1892-01 Atalanta 2170
My Valentine MacDonald, Mosse 1892-02 Atalanta 2174
The Sad Ryme of Queen Valentine Andrews, E. A. 1892-03 Atalanta 2177
April and I Langbridge, Frederick 1892-04 Atalanta 2181
May Clare, John 1892-05 Atalanta 2186
Girlhood Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1892-08 Atalanta 2204
The Crown of the Year Burke, Christian Caroline Anna 1892-09 Atalanta 2212
My Lady’s Coming Strange, Edward F. 1892-11 Atalanta 2233
A Girton Girl Paton, Joseph Noël 1893-04 Atalanta 2261