The Bridal Morning

Figure descriptions
A bride sits at the center of the illustration and gazes at her reflection in a mirror on a nearby dressing table. She is surrounded by three women, all of whom look toward her while tending to her appearance. On the bride’s right, a woman sits and adjusts the sleeve of her dress. On the bride’s left, a woman reaches out toward her shoulder. Behind the bride, a woman stands and covers her head with a long veil. There is a fifth figure standing in the shadows behind the bride and the three women. They have dark skin and wear a headscarf, an earring, and a large cloth draped over their shoulder. This figure also looks toward the bride. The room in which the figures gather has multiple decorative ornaments. There is a folded screen in the background. A clock hangs on the wall. On the dressing table, there is a small crown, multiple pieces of jewellery, flowers in a vase, a piece of paper, and a small framed portrait. Cloths and additional jewellery sit on a chair beside the dressing table. There is a large window behind the dressing table framed by draped, tasselled curtains. Building and plants are visible through the window. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.