The Mother’s Choice

Figure descriptions
A composer stands in front of sheet music, which sits on a music stand. He holds a baton in his right hand, which he uses to lead multiple musicians and singers. His left hand is at his hip. Two women sing in the composer’s line of sight. A man to the composer’s right appears to play the piano. The four figures are dressed formally in historical fashion and occupy an ornately decorated parlour. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Facsimile of the author’s handwritten signature: Frederic E. Weatherly. 1/32 page.
An infant child rests against her mother’s bosom. The mother holds her child on her lap and looks down tenderly toward the child’s sleeping face. The child appears to be wrapped in a blanket. The first word of the poem, “A”, stands in the top-right corner of the illustration to the right of the child’s head.