Category: Multiple illustrations.

The poem has multiple illustrations. Note more specific value for Series.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 188
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
The Nightingale and Glow-Worm Cowper, William 1832-06-02 The Penny Magazine 2870
The Doom of Cheynholme Garrow, Theodosia 1842 The Keepsake 4888
Tamise Ripe Leigh, Cholmeley A. 1859-11-26 Once a Week 239
The Palimpsest Hopkins, Manley 1859-12-03 Once a Week 241
Soul-Gardening Greenwell, Dora 1863-04 Good Words 1578
A Missionary Cheer Massey, Gerald 1863-08 Good Words 12354
Reconciled Ingelow, Jean 1863-11 Good Words 1595
The Nightingale Thackeray, William Makepeace 1864 Good Words 1619
Home at Last Congreve, T. 1866-10-01 Good Words 1814
The Rough Old Squire’s Young Bride 1866-10-20 Once a Week 13473
A Love Match Simcox, George Augustus 1868-08-01 Good Words 1909
Dance, My Children! Macleod, Norman 1868-09-01 Good Words 1914
Carol Lemon, Mark 1868-12-25 Once a Week 12255
Music Simcox, George Augustus 1869-02-01 Good Words 1982
The Way B. B. B. (Good Words) 1869-07-01 Good Words 2093
Michael Scott 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13816
Sledding Stanzas Geraldine (pseudonym) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13815
The Legend of Pertinax Creech and Philbert Flip E. J. M. (poet; Once a Week) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13811
Why Don’t I Marry Mary Anne? Halse, George (pseud. Rattlebrain) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13813
The Two Margarets. II.—Margaret in the Xebec Ingelow, Jean 1870-04-01 Good Words 2016
Simon the Cyrenian. A Christian Ballad Monsell, John Samuel Bewley 1870-09-01 Good Words 2096
A Gentlewoman of the Old School Dobson, Austin 1871 Good Words 2137
In the Harvest Field Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1871 Good Words 2121
The End of a Month Swinburne, Algernon Charles 1871-04-01 The Dark Blue 166
Down Stream Rossetti, Dante Gabriel 1871-10 The Dark Blue 606
Trust in God and Do the Right Macleod, Norman 1872 Good Words 2139
“Under the Elm” Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1872 Good Words 2206
Birth-Song Freeland, William 1873 Good Words 2422
In the Woods Jenner, Alice Hay 1873 Good Words 2441
Stabat Mater Dolorosa 1873 Good Words 2445
Thoughts 1873 Good Words 2450
Dead Dreams H. (Good Words) 1874 Good Words 2506
Echoes Japp, Alexander Hay 1874 Good Words 2508
No, Love, No! Bendall, Gerard 1874 Good Words 2505
The Easter Decorations Cambridge, Ada 1874 Good Words 2489
A Lament A. C. C. (poet; Good Words) 1876 Good Words 2592
A Year Ago Nesbit, Edith 1876 Good Words 2624
Mervaunee. In Two Parts. Part I Allingham, William 1876-07 The Cornhill Magazine 12333
Mervaunee. In Two Parts. Part II Allingham, William 1876-08 The Cornhill Magazine 12335
A Woman’s “No” James, F. 1877 Good Words 2649
Spring’s Secret Green, Saretta 1877 Good Words 2646
Staffa Japp, Alexander Hay 1877 Good Words 2658
The Evening Time A. C. C. (poet; Good Words) 1877 Good Words 2643
A Picture Blackmore, W. P. 1878 Good Words 2666
A Song of Arran Brown, David 1878 Good Words 2665
Loch An-Dorb Bennett, William 1878 Good Words 2671
One June Morning Langbridge, Frederick 1878 Good Words 2751
Sing On! Linskill, Mary Jane 1878 Good Words 2760
The Schoolmistress Craig (Knox), Isa 1878 Good Words 2767
Under the Tree Nesbit, Edith 1878 Good Words 2675
Off to “The House” Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1879 Good Words 2799
On Hearing a Lark in January J. A. P. (Good Words) 1879 Good Words 2782
Two Songs Greenwell, Dora 1879 Good Words 2791
A Maiden’s Message L. G. M. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 3606
Charity Japp, Alexander Hay 1880 Good Words 3553
III.—A Summer Morning A. H. J. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 13119
Charade C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-01-03 Once a Week 13754
The Rose. Rondel C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-01-17 Once a Week 13757
My Dream, Love C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-01-31 Once a Week 13758
Tintagal C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-02-07 Once a Week 13760
The Torrent C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-02-21 Once a Week 13761
Wishes C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-02-28 Once a Week 13762
A Stray Sunbeam C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-03-06 Once a Week 13764
Lily the Fair, and the Big Brown Bear. A Tale for the Little and Good 1880-03-06 Once a Week 13763
The Rose. A Sonnet C. H. W. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-03-13 Once a Week 13765
The Mountain of Gold Simpson, Samuel L. 1880-03-20 Once a Week 13767
Æsop and the Philosopher C. C. (poet; Once a Week) 1880-03-20 Once a Week 13766
Christmas Guests Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3912
The Glen’s Retreat Buchanan, Walter 1881 Good Words 3913
“Of the earth, earthy” Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3638
Cloud-Dreams Hendry, James 1882 Good Words 3945
Quebec Campbell, John 1882 Good Words 3941
A City Pastoral Hendry, James 1883 Good Words 3991
On the Sea-Shore. A Story in Verse Craik, Dinah 1883 Good Words 3974
The Lighthouse Mackenzie, David James 1883 Good Words 3971
The Living, and the Dying, and the Dead Heaton, Arthur Frederick 1883 Good Words 3983
Pencil or Pen How, William Walsham 1884 Good Words 4000
Rest Ames, Minnie 1884 Good Words 4337
Songs Sent South M. M. M. (poet; Good Words) 1884 Good Words 4001
The Study Window Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1884 Good Words 4342
My Autumn Queen Hendry, James 1885 Good Words 4360
Our Country Quarters Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym “Hugh Haliburton”) 1885 Good Words 4369
Summer and Winter Dow, J. 1885 Good Words 4374
At Twilight Reid, Samuel 1886 Good Words 5424
A Christmas Carol Image, Selwyn 1886-01 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8756
In Memoriam; H. L. G. Vigilantibus Horne, Herbert P. 1886-04 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8778
The Madonna Di San Sisto Scott, William Bell 1886-10 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8945
A Song for May Dennis, John 1887 Good Words 5436
Horatian Echo. (To an Ambitious Friend) Arnold, Matthew 1887-07 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8809
Atalanta Arnold, Edwin 1887-10 Atalanta 1641
“My Lady Wakes” Macleod, Mary 1887-10 Atalanta 1644
Harebells King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1887-11 Atalanta 1683
A Christmas Carol Rossetti, Christina G. 1887-12 Atalanta 1690
Mine Enemy Boulger (née Havers), Dora (pseud. Theo. Gift) 1887-12 Atalanta 1688
The Mother’s Choice Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1887-12 Atalanta 1687
Notre Dame MacDonald, Mosse 1888 Good Words 5491
The Stock-Rider’s Grave Richardson, Robert 1888 Good Words 5518
In Winter Macleod, Mary 1888-01 Atalanta 1709
Of Certain White Doves Maitland, Ella Fuller 1888-01 Atalanta 1708
Up, Bonnie Bird! Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym “Hugh Haliburton”) 1888-03 Atalanta 1765
Confirmation King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1888-04 Atalanta 1773
A Letter to the Rats Fogg, L. M. 1888-06 Atalanta 1779
Ballads of All Countries. Ireland. Kincora MacLiag, Muircheartach mac Con Ceartaich 1888-06 Atalanta 1776
To T. G. with a Copy of the Imitation of Christ Paul, Charles Kegan 1888-06 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8822
Childhood Land Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1888-07 Atalanta 1780
A Dream-Garden Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1888-08 Atalanta 1784
A View Near Taranto Ross, Janet 1888-10 Woman’s World 655
Exultate Deo Rossetti, Christina G. 1888-10 Atalanta 1828
Late Autumn Paton, Frederick Noel 1888-11 Atalanta 1832
The Shepherd Hollins, Dorothy 1888-12 Woman’s World 659
Ingé, the Boy-King Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth 1889-01 Atalanta 1844
On the Last Day of the Year Maitland, Ella Fuller 1889-01 Atalanta 1841
To One Who Rejoices Hickey, Emily 1889-02 Atalanta 1846
Grandmother’s Boy Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1889-03 Atalanta 1851
The Crocus King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1889-03 Atalanta 1848
Victus Victor. Father Joseph Damien. Went to Molokai Leper Island, 1873. Died 1889 Macleod, Mary 1889-07 Atalanta 1934
Amabel at Work. Triolet Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-08 Woman’s World 676
Peace Levy, Amy 1890 Woman’s World 1042
Triolet Rolfe, Frederick William 1890-01 Atalanta 1963
A Song For March Macleod, Mary 1890-03 Atalanta 1973
“That Can Sing Both High and Low” Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-03 Atalanta 1972
Caroline Herschel Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1890-04 Atalanta 2029
Early April Noel, Roden 1890-04 Atalanta 1975
Flowers from a Garden Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-05 Atalanta 2031
The Fairy Prince Robinson, Annie (pseudonym “Marian Douglas”) 1890-05 Atalanta 2034
The Secret of the Nightingale Noel, Roden 1890-06 Atalanta 2035
Dirge Maitland, Ella Fuller 1890-07 Atalanta 2039
The Night My Love Comes Home Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1890-08 Atalanta 2042
A Morning Song Strange, Edward F. 1890-09 Atalanta 2044
“Yea, I Have A Goodly Heritage” Rossetti, Christina G. 1890-10 Atalanta 2047
Junes Long Fled Langbridge, Frederick 1890-11 Atalanta 2051
A Christmas Song Bain, Charlotte 1890-12 Atalanta 2055
A New Year Fantasy Watson, Rosamund Marriott 1891-01 Atalanta 2061
Singing to a Star. (His Mother’s Song) Piatt, Sarah M. B. 1891-03 Atalanta 2072
Flowers at Easter Noel, Roden 1891-04 Atalanta 2075
St. George. (At Venice and at Windsor) Hopkins, Everard 1891-06 Atalanta 2081
The Wind that Kissed the Roses Burnside, Helen Marion 1891-07 Atalanta 2086
By The Sea Browne, Marie Hedderwick 1891-08 Atalanta 2090
For The Master Bain, Charlotte 1891-12 Atalanta 2165
Lohengrin Wagner, Richard 1891-12 Atalanta 2168
“If I Walk in Autumn’s Ev’n.” Song Shelley, Percy Bysshe 1891-12 Victorian Magazine 1520
An Autumn Dirge Blomfield, Alfred 1892 Good Words 5022
January Kendall, Elsie 1892-01 Atalanta 2170
My Valentine MacDonald, Mosse 1892-02 Atalanta 2174
Arabic Serenade Shelley, Percy Bysshe 1892-03 Victorian Magazine 1528
The Sad Ryme of Queen Valentine Andrews, E. A. 1892-03 Atalanta 2177
May Clare, John 1892-05 Atalanta 2186
A Sketch in Water-Colours (To a Friend in the South) Paton, Joseph Noël 1892-07 Victorian Magazine 1538
A Song of Summer Sweetman, Elinor M. 1892-07 Atalanta 2201
The Winter it is Past Burns, Robert 1892-07 Victorian Magazine 1539
Birthday Salutation To Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Sent him August 6th, 1889. Colin Clout (pseud) 1892-08 Victorian Magazine 1540
Girlhood Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1892-08 Atalanta 2204
The Posie Burns, Robert 1892-08 Victorian Magazine 1542
The Ballad of Lord Langshaw Buchanan, Robert Williams 1892-10 Atalanta 2223
The Violin Player Plarr, Victor Gustave 1892-11 Atalanta 2237
“Come, here’s to the Knights of the true royal oak” 1892-12 Atalanta 2243
A Picardy Pastoral Richardson, Robert 1893 Good Words 5044
Hope Richardson, Robert 1893 Good Words 5036
Light at Eventide Reid, John 1893 Good Words 5030
June Macleod, Mary 1893-06 Atalanta 2266
“Come restles swallow fit my restles minde” Queen Elizabeth I 1893-06 Atalanta 2267
The Land of Cocaigne Bain, Charlotte 1893-09 Atalanta 2272
The Nymph’s Reply Raleigh, Walter 1893-09 Atalanta 2275
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Marlowe, Christopher 1893-09 Atalanta 2274
Queen Elizabeth’s Verses, While prisoner at Woodstock, Writ with charcoal on a chutter Queen Elizabeth I 1893-10 Atalanta 2279
The King’s Quair. Cantus King James I of Scotland 1893-10 Atalanta 2280
A Song of Silence Cregan, Beatrice 1893-12 Atalanta 2285
The School Mistress Bain, Charlotte 1893-12 Atalanta 2287
Evening Miller, Frank 1894 Good Words 5073
Two Toilers Hendry, Hamish 1894 Good Words 5059
The Old Year Davies, J. H. 1894-01 Atalanta 2289
An Orchard Parable Burke, Christian Caroline Anna 1894-03 Atalanta 2294
Spring Lyric Foster, Will 1894-04 Atalanta 2298
“Dimidium Facti” Blackmore, Richard D. (1825-1900) 1894-06 Atalanta 2302
Lullaby Japp, Alexander Hay 1894-08 Atalanta 2311
Contrasts Oliver, Edwin 1894-11 Atalanta 2320
Sursum Corda Macleod, John (of Govan) 1895 Good Words 5090
A Caravansarai. (Done into verse from Addison) F. A. (Atalanta) 1895-06 Atalanta 2340
A Roundel of Rabelais Rabelais, François 1896 Pageant 1084
Autumn Briss, Vida 1896 Good Words 5112
Four Quatrains Addleshaw, Percy (pseudonym “Percy Hemingway”) 1896 Pageant 1096
Sicilian Octaves Japp, Alexander Hay 1896-05 Atalanta 2369
To Violets Herrick, Robert 1896-05 Atalanta 2366
To The Thrush Mackie, Gascoigne 1896-06 Atalanta 2370
Bruges Tuttiett, Mary Gleed (pseudonym “Maxwell Gray”) 1896-08 Atalanta 2376
Laudate Dominum Brodrick, Alan 1896-09 Atalanta 2378
A Postscript to “Retaliation” Dobson, Austin 1897 Pageant 1101
A Song of Seasons Hopper, Nora 1897-09 Atalanta 2418