Laudate Dominum

Figure descriptions
A theatrical scene from William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”. A man stands slightly off-center with his back turned towar the viewer. He faces the right side of the illustration so that his face is shown in profile. He wears a sheathed thin sword (a rapier) on his hip and holds a large cloak out to his right. A second man leans over behind the cloak to pick up a feathered hat from the floor. On the left side of the illustration, a woman sits in a chair and looks away from the first two men. She holds her necklace up to her mouth with one hand and holds the arm of the chair with her other hand. A man stands behind her and looks at the first two men from over his shoulder. On the right side of the illustration, a man sits at a table with dishes and wine glasses. Another man stands beside him and watches the first two men; he carries a large hat box under his arm and a hat. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.
The title, byline, and poem letterpress is bordered by the illustration. To the left of the letterpress, a large bunch of flowers with leaves is tied together with ribbon around the stems. This bunch of flowers forms the left side of the page border. The space that is not filled by the flowers is filled with an intricate pattern of small curved lines. A branch extends horizontally across the bottom of the illustration. An empty banner hangs from it; the banner is tied to the branch with ribbon. The branch and banner are set against a dark background decorated with light swirls; it forms the bottom edge of the page border. A thick black line completes the page border on the right and top edges. Full page.