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Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 532
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
The Nightingale and Glow-Worm Cowper, William 1832-06-02 The Penny Magazine 2870
The Horse and the Laden Ass Aesop 1835-07-25 The Penny Magazine 15873
Magenta Taylor, Tom 1859-07-02 Once a Week 196
Once a Week Brooks, Shirley 1859-07-02 Once a Week 195
The Song of Courtesy Meredith, George 1859-07-09 Once a Week 197
Sketching the Castle S. B. (poet; Once a Week), Brooks, Shirley 1859-07-16 Once a Week 200
Eckart the Trusty. (From Goethe) Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von 1859-07-30 Once a Week 202
A Penny for Your Thought Fuller, James Franklin 1859-08-06 Once a Week 205
Baron Jauïoz. (From the Breton) 1859-08-06 Once a Week 204
Retrospective William, C. P. 1859-08-13 Once a Week 206
The Belle of the Season Benson, Ralph Augustus 1859-08-20 Once a Week 208
The Last Words of Juggling Jerry Meredith, George 1859-09-03 Once a Week 212
Hern Castle King, Henry (1817-1888) 1859-10-01 Once a Week 220
Mary. A Ballad Pember, Edward Henry 1859-10-01 Once a Week 221
La Fille Bien Gardée. (An Intercepted Letter) S. B. (poet; Once a Week), Brooks, Shirley 1859-10-08 Once a Week 223
Round the Hop-Bin Freeman, E. D. 1859-10-08 Once a Week 222
Shoreward Cayley, George John 1859-10-15 Once a Week 227
Bradmere Pool Stewart, Louisa 1859-10-22 Once a Week 228
Black Monday Fonblanque, Albany Jr. 1859-10-29 Once a Week 230
Maude Clare Rossetti, Christina G. 1859-11-06 Once a Week 232
Fairy May Goodhart, C. W. 1859-11-12 Once a Week 234
Young Nimrod’s First Love. July Benson, Ralph Augustus 1859-11-19 Once a Week 237
Tamise Ripe Leigh, Cholmeley A. 1859-11-26 Once a Week 239
The Lord of Nann and the Fairy. (From the Breton) 1859-11-26 Once a Week 238
A Lost Love Benson, Ralph Augustus 1859-12-03 Once a Week 242
The Palimpsest Hopkins, Manley 1859-12-03 Once a Week 241
Sad Words Hopkins, Manley 1859-12-10 Once a Week 244
St. Bartholomew Malet, Henry Charles Eden 1859-12-17 Once a Week 245
The Crown of Love Meredith, George 1859-12-31 Once a Week 248
The Return of the Firefly Münster, Mary C. F. 1860-01-14 Once a Week 252
The Bridal of Galtrim Lover, Samuel 1860-01-21 Once a Week 254
The Head of Bran Meredith, George 1860-02-04 Once a Week 256
The Mistake. (An Old Gem Reset) Johnson, James W. 1860-02-11 Once a Week 257
I’ll Never Forget That, Ma’am! Lover, Samuel 1860-02-18 Once a Week 259
God Help Our Men at Sea Hole, Samuel Reynolds 1860-02-25 Once a Week 260
Florinda Fonblanque, Albany Jr. 1860-03-03 Once a Week 262
Practising Brooks, Shirley 1860-03-10 Once a Week 263
A Cloister Legend 1860-04 Good Words 323
Après Munby, Arthur J. 1860-04-07 Once a Week 265
Only for Something to Say Benson, Ralph Augustus 1860-04-14 Once a Week 266
The Secret That Can’t Be Kept Bell, Robert 1860-05-05 Once a Week 268
Noménoë. (Literally rendered from the Breton) 1860-05-12 Once a Week 269
Musa E. M. B. (poet; Once a Week) 1860-06-16 Once a Week 273
Once Upon a Time Cook, Eliza 1860-06-30 Once a Week 277
Contrasts Fuller, James Franklin 1860-07-14 Once a Week 280
Violet Munby, Arthur J. 1860-07-28 Once a Week 283
The Betrayed Bolton, Sarah T. 1860-08-04 Once a Week 284
Elfie Meadows T. (poet; Once a Week), Turquand, Ellen Eyre 1860-09-08 Once a Week 289
Faristan and Fatima. An Oriental Legend, Done into his mother tongue by E. A. Bowring 1860-09-29 Once a Week 293
Autumn Flowers Greenwell, Dora 1860-10 Good Words 355
A Score of Years Ago Watson, L. 1860-10-06 Once a Week 294
Isabel Greenwell, Dora 1860-11 Good Words 358
Temujin H. P. (poet; Once a Week) 1860-12-01 Once a Week 302
Fair and False Montgomery, Bartholomew Sparrow 1860-12-22 Once a Week 306
The Death of Œnone Moule, Horace 1860-12-29 Once a Week 422
Thorr’s Hunt for his Hammer 1861-01-26 Once a Week 543
The Bells of Lorloches Greenwell, Dora 1861-02 Good Words 371
Confessions of St. Valentine Rogers, Mary Eliza 1861-02-16 Once a Week 432
Take Warning N. J. (poet; Once a Week) 1861-02-16 Once a Week 433
Fair Rosamond. A Fragment. Bulwer-Lytton, Robert (pseudonym Owen Meredith) 1861-03-09 Once a Week 435
Swift and the Mohawks Thornbury, George Walter 1861-03-16 Once a Week 436
An Artisan’s Story Buchanan, Robert Williams 1861-04 Good Words 376
Effie Gordon Montgomery, Bartholomew Sparrow 1861-04-06 Once a Week 439
The Sailor’s Bride James, Marian E. 1861-04-13 Once a Week 440
The Early Lark Holland, Henry W. 1861-05 Good Words 380
The Cavalier’s Escape Thornbury, George Walter 1861-06-15 Once a Week 451
A Song Which None but the Redeemed can Sing Greenwell, Dora 1861-07 Good Words 384
The Father of the Regiment. (An Old Grenadier’s Story of an Episode in the Retreat of Napoleon’s “Grande Armée” from Moscow) Thornbury, George Walter 1861-07-13 Once a Week 835
The Emigrant’s Daughter Greenwell, Dora 1861-08 Good Words 385
The Mill-Fiend Munby, Arthur J. 1861-08-03 Once a Week 839
From my Window. Before Sunset Whymper, Frederick Hayes 1861-08-24 Once a Week 843
Adalieta. (From Boccaccio) Boccaccio 1861-08-31 Once a Week 844
“A Time to Dance!” Teulon, Harriet Mary 1861-10 Good Words 391
King Dyring. (Translated and Versified from the Prose of Emile Souvestre) Goldie, G. 1861-11-16 Once a Week 859
Rosamond, Queen of the Lombards Elton, Charles Isaac 1861-11-30 Once a Week 861
The Two Streams Smith, Lucy Caroline (née Cumming) 1861-12 Good Words 1279
“He Never Told His Love” Stirling, A. 1861-12 Good Words 454
Mark Bozzari. From the German of Wilhelm Müller Müller, Wilhelm 1861-12-07 Once a Week 862
The Patriot Engineer Meredith, George 1861-12-14 Once a Week 864
Evander Munby, Arthur J. 1861-12-21 Once a Week 866
The Hotel Garden Edwards, Annie 1861-12-28 Once a Week 869
Go and Come Greenwell, Dora 1862-01 Good Words 395
The Christmas Child Craig (Knox), Isa 1862-01 Good Words 396
Schwerting of Saxony. (Translated from the German of Ebert) Ebert, Karl Egon von 1862-01-04 Once a Week 871
The Battle of Gilboa Forsyth, William 1862-02 Good Words 398
The Carrier Pigeon Greenwell, Dora 1862-02 Good Words 399
“The Battle of the Thirty.” A Breton Ballad 1862-02-01 Once a Week 877
The Old Chartist Meredith, George 1862-02-08 Once a Week 878
A Valentine Lewis, John Delaware 1862-02-22 Once a Week 882
Love in Death Greenwell, Dora 1862-03 Good Words 401
Rung into Heaven Moule, Horace 1862-03 Good Words 400
Sir Tristem Buchanan, Robert Williams 1862-03-22 Once a Week 888
The Fairies. (Translated from the German of Heinrich Heine) Heine, Heinrich 1862-03-29 Once a Week 890
King Sigurd, the Crusader. A Norse Saga 1862-04 Good Words 403
Pictures in the Fire Massey, Gerald 1862-04 Good Words 402
The Dead Bride Thornbury, George Walter 1862-04-19 Once a Week 894
“Until her Death” Craik, Dinah 1862-05 Good Words 405
The Crusader’s Wife. (Literally Translated from the Breton) 1862-05-10 Once a Week 897
The Chase of the Siren. A Doric Legend Thornbury, George Walter 1862-05-31 Once a Week 898
The Summer Woods Forsyth, William 1862-06 Good Words 407
The Drowning of Kaer-Is. (Literally Translated from the Breton) 1862-06-14 Once a Week 901
Wife and I Buchanan, Robert Williams 1862-06-21 Once a Week 902
Highland Flora 1862-07 Good Words 409
Maid Avoraine Buchanan, Robert Williams 1862-07-19 Once a Week 908
My Treasure Mulholland, Rosa 1862-08 Good Words 412
How Wondrous are Thy Works, O God! A Hymn Blackie, John Stuart 1862-09 Good Words 413
Sea-Weeds 1862-09 Good Words 414
The Broken Vow Montgomery, Bartholomew Sparrow 1862-09-13 Once a Week 918
Count Burkhardt Layton, E. 1862-09-27 Once a Week 920
The Bands of Love Greenwell, Dora 1862-10 Good Words 417
The Veiled Bride Robertson, William 1862-10 Good Words 415
Autumn Smith, Alexander 1862-11 Good Words 419
Out Among the Wild-Flowers W. S. F. (“A Police Constable”) (poet; Good Words) 1862-11 Good Words 418
The Spirit of the Vanished Island Tindal, Henrietta Euphemia 1862-11-08 Once a Week 928
The Boy Martyr. (Nero Imperator) Thornbury, George Walter 1862-11-22 Once a Week 930
Limerick Bells Moule, Horace 1862-12-20 Once a Week 938
Endymion on Latmos Smith, R. N. 1863-01-03 Once a Week 457
Twilight Dreams Crow, Louisa 1863-01-17 Once a Week 458
The Saturnalia Thornbury, George Walter 1863-01-31 Once a Week 460
Popular Epithalamium on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales Massey, Gerald 1863-02 Good Words 1572
The Death of Winkelreid (Battle of Sempach, 9th July, 1386) Thornbury, George Walter 1863-02-14 Once a Week 463
Seasonable Wooing Crow, Louisa 1863-03-14 Once a Week 470
Corporal Pietro Micca. (Time: Seige of Turin by the French, 1706) Stevens, William B. B. 1863-03-21 Once a Week 471
The March of Arthur. (From the Breton) 1863-04-11 Once a Week 476
Ducie of the Dale Munby, Arthur J. 1863-04-18 Once a Week 478
Damsel John Hopkins, Manley 1863-04-25 Once a Week 480
The Bay of the Dead. An Armorican Legend Watkins, Morgan George 1863-05-09 Once a Week 484
Mawgan of Melluach. The Cornish Wrecker Hawker, Robert Stephen 1863-05-23 Once a Week 487
The Linden Tree (Suggested by Schiller’s “Walk Under the Linden Trees”) Schiller, Friedrich 1863-05-30 Once a Week 491
Ballad of the Page and the King’s Daughter. (Translated from Giebel) Geibel, Emmanuel 1863-06-06 Once a Week 492
Tidings. (From the German of Grün) Alexander, Anton (pseudonym Anastasius Grün) 1863-06-13 Once a Week 494
“Faint Heart Never Won Fair Ladye” Baldwin, Astley H. 1863-07-18 Once a Week 502
“No Change!” Broderick, Albert 1863-08-15 Once a Week 507
My Home Broderick, Albert 1863-08-29 Once a Week 511
A Modern Idyll W. G. (poet; Once a Week), Green, W. 1863-09-12 Once a Week 514
Nutting Hopkins, Manley 1863-09-26 Once a Week 517
Hacho, the Dane; or the Bishop’s Ransom. (A Legend of Llandaff) Williams, Charles H. 1863-10-24 Once a Week 525
“The Sirens” Mew, James 1863-11-21 Once a Week 535
Legend of the Castle of Monctier Bolton, Sarah T. 1863-12-26 Once a Week 548
At the Gate C. (poet; Good Words) 1864 Good Words 1726
Proserpine Mew, James 1864-02-20 Once a Week 559
The Mermaid. (An Old Galloway Ballad Re-Written) Thornbury, George Walter 1864-03-05 Once a Week 564
Hero Mew, James 1864-03-19 Once a Week 569
Turberville, and the Heiress of Coity Williams, Charles H. 1864-03-26 Once a Week 571
The Vizier’s Parrot Thornbury, George Walter 1864-04-02 Once a Week 573
A Legend of Northampton Baldwin, Astley H. 1864-04-09 Once a Week 574
The Old Corporal. (From Béranger) Beranger, Pierre-Jean de 1864-04-16 Once a Week 577
A Pastoral Munby, Arthur J. 1864-04-23 Once a Week 578
The Madonna Della Seggiola Thornbury, George Walter 1864-04-30 Once a Week 580
The Stalking-Horse. In Three Fyttes Benson, Ralph Augustus 1864-05-07 Once a Week 582
A’Beckett’s Troth Buchanan, Robert Williams 1864-05-14 Once a Week 585
The Romaunt of the Rose. (A Cornish Legend) Watkins, Morgan George 1864-05-21 Once a Week 587
T’Runawaa Lass. (In the Dialect of the North Riding) Munby, Arthur J. 1864-05-28 Once a Week 588
The Carnival at Venice. (A. D. 1720) Thornbury, George Walter 1864-06-11 Once a Week 594
The Rueful Ride Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1864-06-18 Once a Week 595
The Bride of an Hour Smith, Edward 1864-07-09 Once a Week 634
Tintoret. (Scene, Venice: Time, The Plague Year) Thornbury, George Walter 1864-07-16 Once a Week 635
The King’s Daughter. (A Legend of Normandy) Bosquet, Amelie 1864-07-30 Once a Week 639
Earl Pembroke’s Monument Williams, Charles H. 1864-08-06 Once a Week 641
Dame Eleanor’s Return Jackson, Blomfield 1864-08-13 Once a Week 643
The Harp of Invermorn Black, William 1864-09-03 Once a Week 689
Una, the Moon-Fay; Or, the Vision of Chastity Buchanan, Robert Williams 1864-09-24 Once a Week 694
Lost Syrinx (B.C. 100) Thornbury, George Walter 1864-10-08 Once a Week 699
In the Beck Hawcroft, Joseph Mowbray 1864-10-29 Once a Week 703
Rubens in the Cloister Black, William 1864-11-12 Once a Week 706
The Cumæan Sibyl Thornbury, George Walter 1864-11-19 Once a Week 708
Eriphanis Pember, Edward Henry 1864-12-03 Once a Week 710
Song of the Cress-Girl Caddell, Cecilia Mary 1864-12-31 Once a Week 721
The Locket H. A. D. (poet; Once a Week) 1865-01-07 Once a Week 725
Iliad Ω. 692, ad fin Homer 1865-01-21 Once a Week 728
Macdhonuil’s Coronach Black, William 1865-01-28 Once a Week 731
“Le Toit S’Egaie et Rit.” (From Victor Hugo) Hugo, Victor 1865-02-11 Once a Week 736
Auto da Fé Münster, Mary C. F., M. (poet; Once a Week) 1865-03-18 Once a Week 745
Ivor Bach; Or, the Capture of Cardiff Castle Williams, Charles H. 1865-04-22 Once a Week 753
Helvellyn Baldwin, Astley H. 1865-06-10 Once a Week 764
Childe Gottfried Crow, Louisa 1865-06-24 Once a Week 939
Moses Saved from the Waters. (From Victor Hugo) Hugo, Victor 1865-07-01 Once a Week 942
Lauretta. A Tale of the Moselle Swayne, George Carless 1865-07-22 Once a Week 947
The Legends of “St. Leonard’s Foreste” G. (poet; Once a Week) 1865-07-29 Once a Week 948
St. Roche’s Well G. (poet; Once a Week) 1865-08-12 Once a Week 952
Achilles Cotterell, George 1865-08-19 Once a Week 954
Ondine Baldwin, Astley H. 1865-09-16 Once a Week 961
The Haconarmal. After the Icelandic by Evind Skaldaspiller, A.D. 963 Skaldaspiller, Evind 1865-10-07 Once a Week 966
Cithara. A Dream of Poesy Atkinson, Richard 1865-11-11 Once a Week 973
King Solyman and the Hoopoes Pluma (pseudonym) 1865-11-18 Once a Week 975
The Epitaph of Adonis. An Idyl 1865-12-09 Once a Week 981
The Pilgrimage to Kerlaar. (From the German of Heinrich Heine) Heine, Heinrich 1865-12-23 Once a Week 987
The Fatal Tryst C. C. H. (poet; Once a Week) 1866-01-20 Once a Week 13398
Faded Laurels Calverley, Charles Stuart, C. S. C. (poet; Once a Week) 1866-02-17 Once a Week 13408
From Theocritus. Idyll the First Theocritus 1866-02-24 Once a Week 13409
The Echo Goddard, Julia 1866-03-10 Once a Week 13414
At the Gate. (A Sequel to “One Hour”) Hawcroft, Joseph Mowbray 1866-05-19 Once a Week 13438
Ariadne Tate, William J. 1866-08-04 Once a Week 13459
The Rough Old Squire’s Young Bride 1866-10-20 Once a Week 13473
New Years Day Goddard, Julia 1867-01-05 Once a Week 12076
St Valentine’s Day Goddard, Julia 1867-02-16 Once a Week 12086
St. Patrick’s Day Lover, Samuel 1867-03-16 Once a Week 12127
Hot Cross Buns.—(After Pope) Goddard, Julia 1867-04-20 Once a Week 12149
June. Dreaming Goddard, Julia 1867-06-01 Once a Week 12161
St. Swithin. The Legend Goddard, Julia 1867-07-20 Once a Week 13526
August Goddard, Julia 1867-08-17 Once a Week 13537
Michaelmas Day Goddard, Julia 1867-09-28 Once a Week 13552
All Hallow Eve Goddard, Julia 1867-10-26 Once a Week 13564
Guy Fawkes’ Day Goddard, Julia 1867-11-09 Once a Week 13571
Christmas-Day Kingsley, Charles 1868-01-01 Good Words 1889
“Good Words” to the Pitcairn Islanders 1868-01-01 Good Words 1891
1865—1866 Tennyson, Alfred 1868-03-01 Good Words 1896
Hero Harold Smedley, Menella Bute 1868-03-01 Good Words 1897
Hero Harold Smedley, Menella Bute 1868-04-01 Good Words 1899
Glenalla Smedley, Menella Bute 1868-06-01 Good Words 1904
Among the Corn Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1868-07-01 Good Words 1907
The Lilac Story, William Wetmore 1868-09-01 Good Words 1913
A Love Letter 1868-10-01 Good Words 1916
Yesterday and To-Day Moresby, Jane 1868-11-01 Good Words 1920
A Letter Smedley, Menella Bute 1868-12-01 Good Words 1923
The Bracelet Church, Alfred J. 1868-12-01 Good Words 1924
My Cid Dallas, E. S. 1868-12-25 Once a Week 12253
A Ballad Smedley, Menella Bute 1869-01-01 Good Words 1980
Music Simcox, George Augustus 1869-02-01 Good Words 1982
Under the Palms Smith, Lucy Caroline (née Cumming) 1869-03-01 Good Words 1986
“Little May” Moresby, Jane 1869-03-01 Good Words 2003
Poor People. (From Victor Hugo) Hugo, Victor 1869-04-01 Good Words 1989
The Spirit of the Spring Capern, Edward 1869-04-01 Good Words 1988
A Burial at Machærus Plumptre, Edward Hayes 1869-05-01 Good Words 1990
Passing Pleasures Waring, Anna Letitia 1869-06-01 Good Words 1991
The Sailor Boy One of the Authors of Child World , Hart, Elizabeth Anna, Smedley, Menella Bute 1869-07-01 Good Words 1992
The Way B. B. B. (poet; Good Words) 1869-07-01 Good Words 2093
The Widow and the Priest Leighton, Robert 1869-08-01 Good Words 1994
Epitaph on Agnes Jones. Buried in Fahan Churchyard near Lough Swilly Alexander, William 1869-11-01 Good Words 1998
Holyhead Breakwater Smedley, Menella Bute 1869-11-01 Good Words 1999
Angela 1869-11-27 Once a Week 13800
The Old Manor-House Cambridge, Ada 1869-12-01 Good Words 2000
Michael Scott 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13816
The Legend of Pertinax Creech and Philbert Flip E. J. M. (poet; Once a Week) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13811
Why Don’t I Marry Mary Anne? Halse, George (pseudonym Rattlebrain) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13813
My Timepiece Turner, Charles Tennyson 1870-01-01 Good Words 2007
The Two Margarets. I.—Margaret by the Mere Side Ingelow, Jean 1870-02-01 Good Words 2009
Old Memories J. P. W. (poet; Good Words) 1870-04-01 Good Words 2015
A Reverie and a Song Ingelow, Jean 1870-07-01 Good Words 2022
From Home to Home Simcox, George Augustus 1870-07-01 Good Words 2023
Winifred Capern, Edward 1870-07-01 Good Words 2024
In a Corn-Field. (Folkestone) Leifchild, Sara A. 1870-08-01 Good Words 2026
Married Lovers Ingelow, Jean 1870-09-01 Good Words 2094
Simon the Cyrenian. A Christian Ballad Monsell, John Samuel Bewley 1870-09-01 Good Words 2096
Dame Martha’s Well. (After Christian Winther) Winther, Christian 1870-10-01 Good Words 2097
An Ocean Grave Warren, John Byrne Leicester 1871 Good Words 2123
An Unfinished Song Dobson, Austin 1871 Good Words 2127
Love in Winter Dobson, Austin 1871 Good Words 2109
Shall we ever meet again? Capern, Edward 1871 Good Words 2134
The Neighbour Buchanan, Robert Williams 1871 Good Words 2131
To Baby Kathleen Mary Monsell, John Samuel Bewley 1871 Good Words 2117
“Tiger Bay:” A Windy Night’s Dream Buchanan, Robert Williams 1871 Good Words 2119
Down Stream Rossetti, Dante Gabriel 1871-10 The Dark Blue 606
A Memory Capern, Edward 1872 Good Words 2215
A Morning by the Sea Stone, Samuel John 1872 Good Words 2221
A Song of the Seasons Monsell, John Samuel Bewley 1872 Good Words 2156
I.—The Anxious Mother Macleod, Norman 1872 Good Words 2213
III.—A Mother’s Funeral Macleod, Norman 1872 Good Words 2222
Super Flumina Alexander, William 1872 Good Words 2226
The Crusader’s Flower Hervey, Eleanora Louisa 1872 Good Words 2187
The Death of Columba Blackie, John Stuart 1872 Good Words 2205
The Gifts Japp, Alexander Hay 1872 Good Words 2218
The Legend of the Holly 1872 Good Words 2229
The Season Cambridge, Ada 1872 Good Words 2191
The Summers Long Ago Capern, Edward 1872 Good Words 2202
Vanity Fair Buchanan, Robert Williams 1872 Good Words 2143
A Summer Dream Capern, Edward 1873 Good Words 2458
A Winter Wedding. (At Chiselhurst Church, January 9, 1873) Craik, Dinah 1873 Good Words 2429
After the War Fraser-Tytler, Christina Catherine 1873 Good Words 2425
Birth-Song Freeland, William 1873 Good Words 2422
Empty Cambridge, Ada 1873 Good Words 2456
For a Drinking Fountain Riddell-Webster, T. W. 1873 Good Words 2437
Going Away Craik, Dinah 1873 Good Words 2420
Left Behind Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1873 Good Words 2434
Looking Back Japp, Alexander Hay 1873 Good Words 2455
Matthias to Albertus Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1873 Good Words 2431
Memories Japp, Alexander Hay 1873 Good Words 2446
No Tidings Simpson, Jane Cross 1873 Good Words 2461
Stabat Mater Dolorosa 1873 Good Words 2445
The Golden Thread. An incident so narrated in a very early French Fabliau.—(See Sir Walter Scott’s “Essay on Romantic Literature.”) Greenwell, Dora 1873 Good Words 2423
The Legend of St. Christopher Doherty, Francis Malcolm 1873 Good Words 2432
Under the Lighthouse Marks, Mary A. M. (née Hoppus) 1873 Good Words 2454
Washed Ashore MacAndrew, Barbara Miller 1873 Good Words 2460
Nora’s Farewell 1873-12 Good Words 2468
A Chapter of Froissart. (Roman de Grand-Père) Dobson, Austin 1874 Good Words 2514
A Street Idyll Green, Saretta 1874 Good Words 2480
An Invitation Besemeres, Jane (pseudonym Janet Byrne) 1874 Good Words 2511
Dead Dreams H. (poet; Good Words) 1874 Good Words 2506
Faith’s Healing Reid, P. T., Reid, P. Y. 1874 Good Words 2501
Launching the Life-Boat Freeland, William 1874 Good Words 2485
Light From Within Monsell, John Samuel Bewley 1874 Good Words 2479
No, Love, No! Bendall, Gerard 1874 Good Words 2505
Sabbath Songs Gough, Benjamin 1874 Good Words 2520
Swing-Song Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1874 Good Words 2482
The Dawn Cambridge, Ada 1874 Good Words 2477
The Easter Decorations Cambridge, Ada 1874 Good Words 2489
The Golden Bee Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1874 Good Words 2492
The Soldier’s Grave Cambridge, Ada 1874 Good Words 2496
Two Lots Patrick, Mary 1874 Good Words 2495
A Father’s Soliloquy 1874-10-03 Once a Week 13630
A Debt Unpaid Japp, Alexander Hay 1875 Good Words 2538
A May Memory Capern, Edward 1875 Good Words 2528
A Song of Summer Blackie, John Stuart 1875 Good Words 2559
By the Camp Fire Cambridge, Ada 1875 Good Words 2526
By the Stream Gough, Benjamin 1875 Good Words 2557
Daylight Hart, Elizabeth Anna 1875 Good Words 2532
Gleaners Smedley, Menella Bute 1875 Good Words 2546
Harvest Cooper, Katharine (also Katherine) (née Saunders) 1875 Good Words 2563
I Know Not Simpson, Jane Cross 1875 Good Words 2542
In Dunblane Cathedral Smith, Walter Chalmers 1875 Good Words 2524
Poems on Pictures. I.–The Christian Martyr (By Delaroche) Stone, Samuel John 1875 Good Words 2552
Respect the Burthen. An Incident Craik, Dinah 1875 Good Words 2566
Sabbath Bells B. (poet; Good Words) 1875 Good Words 2571
The Deaf Musician Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1875 Good Words 2568
The Little Bauble. A Story of a Street-Arab Kaye, John William 1875 Good Words 2561
The Sweetest Songs Bendall, Gerard 1875 Good Words 2537
Parted 1875-05-08 Once a Week 13738
Far at Sea 1875-12-25 Once a Week 13750
A Lament A. C. C. (poet; Good Words), Cambridge, Ada 1876 Good Words 2592
Across the Downs B. (poet; Good Words) 1876 Good Words 2615
Hope Deferred Simpson, Jane Cross 1876 Good Words 2606
On an Autumn Day Green, Saretta 1876 Good Words 2621
Shepherd’s Song Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1876 Good Words 2575
Summer Japp, Alexander Hay 1876 Good Words 2609
The Poet’s Homily Capern, Edward 1876 Good Words 2583
The Streamlet Gough, Benjamin 1876 Good Words 2589
To His Mistress. (From the German of Heine) Heine, Heinrich 1876 Good Words 2595
Twilight Voices Havergal, Francis Ridley 1876 Good Words 2586
Two Seasons Doudney, Sarah 1876 Good Words 2611
Under the Apple Tree Doudney, Sarah 1876 Good Words 2579
Nelly’s Locket James, F. 1877 Good Words 2644
Skye Nicolson, Alexander 1877 Good Words 2650
Spring Time Beale, Anne 1877 Good Words 2639
The Evening Time A. C. C. (poet; Good Words), Cambridge, Ada 1877 Good Words 2643
The Old Fish-Pond 1877 Good Words 2654
Three Evenings and One Afternoon, Etc. A. C. C. (poet; Good Words), Cambridge, Ada 1877 Good Words 2653
Under the Stars Craik, Dinah 1877 Good Words 2629
Born at Jerusalem. (Gladys Mulock Holman Hunt, born Sept. 20, 1876) Craik, Dinah 1878 Good Words 2743
Sing On! Linskill, Mary Jane 1878 Good Words 2760
Under the Tree Nesbit, Edith 1878 Good Words 2675
Work and Play Reid, P. Y. 1878 Good Words 2750
“Would to God!” Meynell, Wilfred 1878 Good Words 2739
All About a Little Bird Langbridge, Frederick 1879 Good Words 2770
III.—A Summer Morning A. H. J. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 13119
The Soul’s Oratorio Brooke, Richard Sinclair 1880 Good Words 3614
A Winter Reverie Rozier, Ella H. 1881 Good Words 3648
At the Grave of Mrs. Carlyle. (Haddington Abbey) Anderson, Alexander 1881 Good Words 3659
Christmas Guests Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3912
Pansies Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3663
Snowdrops. (Consolation) Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3661
The Sunset’s Gate J. C. A. (poet; Good Words) 1881 Good Words 3896
“Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” (Song for the First of May) Blackie, John Stuart 1881 Good Words 3890
“Of the earth, earthy” Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3638
A Friend Sergeant, Adeline 1882 Good Words 3938
Cloud-Dreams Hendry, James 1882 Good Words 3945
Deserted Doudney, Sarah 1882 Good Words 3952
Quebec Campbell, John 1882 Good Words 3941
The Bugle Notes of Spring Rigg, James 1882 Good Words 3943
A City Pastoral Hendry, James 1883 Good Words 3991
At Rest Doudney, Sarah 1883 Good Words 3984
On the Sea-Shore. A Story in Verse Craik, Dinah 1883 Good Words 3974
Sent Back by the Angels. A Ballad Langbridge, Frederick 1883 Good Words 3979
The Living, and the Dying, and the Dead Heaton, Arthur Frederick 1883 Good Words 3983
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