To a Child of Quality 5 Years Old

Figure descriptions
The poem title “To a Child of Quality 5 Years Old” appears at the top of the page on a plate with a double-ruled border. Sparse flowers and leaves decorate the top, bottom, and left-side edges of the plate. The illustration extends to the left and below the illustrated title, where four adult men gather on the exterior steps of a building. One man sits and strums a guitar. Two of the other men bow: one does so while holding his hand to his chest and the other does the same with his hat. All four men look pointedly toward a young girl at the right of the page, where the illustration continues. The girl sits on a stone ledge, which is decorated with a carved dragon. She holds an apple in her right hand and doll under her left arm. Her hair is tied in a bow. A section of a stone wall and tree branches are visible above and behind the girl. Part of the poem text appears to be let in to the white space of the illustration. 1/2 page.
Four women gather next to a bed. Three of the women stand and examine a doll that they hold among themselves. A dress lies on the bed behind them. The fourth woman sits on the floor holding a child in her arms. 1/6 page.
An elderly woman is depicted in profile view from the shoulders up. She wears a head scarf that is tied in a large bow below her chin. 1/8 page.
A woman wearing a long flowing dress stands in profile view. She drops three pieces of torn paper from her outstretched arm. 1/4 page.
An elderly man stands and supports himself with a cane. He wears a large feathered hat, a tunic, and a cape. He appears to smile slightly at the viewer. 1/4 page.
A man and a woman gather beside a curtained window. They are depicted from the shoulders up. The woman smiles while leaning her back against the window beam. The man smiles while staring back at her. The man has a moustache and wears a large hat. 1/8 page.