Category: At least one illustration contains the poem.

At least one illustration is placed around the poem text on one periodical page, so that the illustration appears to contain the poem in part or in full. Includes illustrations that make room for the poem or a part of the poem (let in).

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 101
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
A Penny for Your Thought Fuller, James Franklin 1859-08-06 Once a Week 205
Hern Castle King, Henry (1817-1888) 1859-10-01 Once a Week 220
Bradmere Pool Stewart, Louisa 1859-10-22 Once a Week 228
Autumn Teulon, Harriet Mary 1860-09 Good Words 351
The Angel and The Infant. (From the French of Jean Reboullé, of Nismes) Reboul, Jean 1861-09-21 Once a Week 847
Evander Munby, Arthur J. 1861-12-21 Once a Week 866
Legend of the Castle of Monctier Bolton, Sarah T. 1863-12-26 Once a Week 548
January 1866. “Out in the Snow” R. (poet; Once a Week) 1866-01-06 Once a Week 13396
February. The Hunting Field Thornbury, George Walter 1866-02-03 Once a Week 13403
June Goddard, Julia 1866-06-02 Once a Week 13441
August Goddard, Julia 1866-08-04 Once a Week 13460
September Goddard, Julia 1866-09-01 Once a Week 13498
“Good Words” to the Pitcairn Islanders 1868-01-01 Good Words 1891
1865—1866 Tennyson, Alfred 1868-03-01 Good Words 1896
Under the Palms Smith, Lucy Caroline (née Cumming) 1869-03-01 Good Words 1986
Passing Pleasures Waring, Anna Letitia 1869-06-01 Good Words 1991
Epitaph on Agnes Jones. Buried in Fahan Churchyard near Lough Swilly Alexander, William 1869-11-01 Good Words 1998
Ascent of Snowdon Turner, Charles Tennyson 1870-03-01 Good Words 2012
Birth-Song Freeland, William 1873 Good Words 2422
For a Drinking Fountain Riddell-Webster, T. W. 1873 Good Words 2437
Work and Pray Brock, E. G. C. 1874 Good Words 2498
The Poet’s Homily Capern, Edward 1876 Good Words 2583
Three Evenings and One Afternoon, Etc. A. C. C. (poet; Good Words) 1877 Good Words 2653
Followers with Him Greenwell, Dora 1878 Good Words 2768
Sing On! Linskill, Mary Jane 1878 Good Words 2760
All About a Little Bird Langbridge, Frederick 1879 Good Words 2770
Christmas Guests Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3912
Pansies Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3663
Snowdrops. (Consolation) Doudney, Sarah 1881 Good Words 3661
The Evening Hour Stone, Louisa F. 1881 Good Words 3897
“Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” (Song for the First of May) Blackie, John Stuart 1881 Good Words 3890
Deserted Doudney, Sarah 1882 Good Words 3952
The Bugle Notes of Spring Rigg, James 1882 Good Words 3943
At Rest Doudney, Sarah 1883 Good Words 3984
On the Sea-Shore. A Story in Verse Craik, Dinah 1883 Good Words 3974
The Blackbird’s Song Buchanan, Walter 1883 Good Words 3996
The Living, and the Dying, and the Dead Heaton, Arthur Frederick 1883 Good Words 3983
Evening Dow, J. 1885 Good Words 4367
Summer and Winter Dow, J. 1885 Good Words 4374
Arlette. A Man’s Remembrance Doudney, Sarah 1886 Good Words 5422
Gold and Silver Langbridge, Frederick 1887 Good Words 5428
Relics Doudney, Sarah 1887 Good Words 5441
All Contrary Strachey, Jane Maria 1887-10 Atalanta 1646
The Wise Men of Gotham Power, Harriet 1887-11 Atalanta 1685
Variations on Nursery Rhymes. Hush-a-bye Baby Strachey, Jane Maria 1887-11 Atalanta 1686
A Christmas Carol Rossetti, Christina G. 1887-12 Atalanta 1690
The Road that Jesus Trod. (Written between Jerusalem and Jericho) Aïdé, Hamilton 1888 Good Words 5502
“On Great Waters” Salmon, Arthur Leslie 1888 Good Words 5544
The Children of Lir Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1888-10 Atalanta 1829
An Autumn Moonlight Walker, Esther 1888-11 Woman’s World 656
A Castle In Spain Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins 1888-12 Atalanta 1839
The Christmas Fleet Strachey, Jane Maria 1888-12 Atalanta 1840
The First Night of the Year Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-01 Woman’s World 660
The Glastonbury Thorn King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1889-01 Atalanta 1842
St. Valentine’s Day Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-02 Woman’s World 661
Gusty Weather. Triolet Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-03 Woman’s World 664
Vacuna Herrick, Robert 1889-03 Atalanta 1883
Cloudy Skies Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-04 Woman’s World 665
The Butterflies’ Pedigree Leith, E. 1889-06 Atalanta 1932
Summer Night Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-07 Woman’s World 672
Amabel at Work. Triolet Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-08 Woman’s World 676
A Complaint. Rondel Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-09 Woman’s World 679
“All Among the Barley” Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-09 Woman’s World 677
Christmas Eve Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-10 Woman’s World 682
To a Child of Quality 5 Years Old Prior, Matthew 1889-10 Woman’s World 681
Olaf The Sea-King A Scandanavian Ballad Osgood, Kate Putnam 1889-12 Atalanta 1956
A Song For March Macleod, Mary 1890-03 Atalanta 1973
A New Song Seeley, E. 1890-04 Atalanta 2030
The London Necropolis Woking King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1890-08 Atalanta 2043
Will O’ The Wisp Macleod, Mary 1890-11 Atalanta 2053
Sir Walter’s Honor Preston, Margaret J. 1890-12 Atalanta 2059
The Mail-Cart Johnston, Henry 1891 Good Words 4115
Flowers at Easter Noel, Roden 1891-04 Atalanta 2075
White or Grey Coxhead, Ethel 1891-06 Atalanta 2084
January Kendall, Elsie 1892-01 Atalanta 2170
The Winter it is Past Burns, Robert 1892-07 Victorian Magazine 1539
Youth Will Neads Have Dalliance, attributed to King Henry VIII King Henry VIII 1892-10 Atalanta 2227
“Come, here’s to the Knights of the true royal oak” 1892-12 Atalanta 2243
Spring Fancies Canton, William 1893 Good Words 15910
Summer and Autumn Fancies Canton, William 1893 Good Words 15912
Winter Fancies Canton, William 1893 Good Words 15909
“Come restles swallow fit my restles minde” Queen Elizabeth I 1893-06 Atalanta 2267
The Nymph’s Reply Raleigh, Walter 1893-09 Atalanta 2275
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Marlowe, Christopher 1893-09 Atalanta 2274
Queen Elizabeth’s Verses, While prisoner at Woodstock, Writ with charcoal on a chutter Queen Elizabeth I 1893-10 Atalanta 2279
The King’s Quair. Cantus King James I of Scotland 1893-10 Atalanta 2280
A Man’s Thought Cotterell, George 1894 Good Words 5056
Spring Lyric Foster, Will 1894-04 Atalanta 2298
Mount Arafa. In Two Parts Blackmore, Richard D. (1825-1900) 1894-10 Atalanta 2314
Poem by Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth I 1894-10 Atalanta 2316
Mount Arafa. In Two Parts Blackmore, Richard D. (1825-1900) 1894-11 Atalanta 2319
Autumn Leaves Briss, Vida 1895 Good Words 5089
Spring Song Macnamara, Rachel Swete 1895-04 Atalanta 2335
When We Awake Burke, Christian Caroline Anna 1895-05 Atalanta 2338
A Duet Bain, Charlotte 1895-08 Atalanta 2346
A Part: Greater than the Whole Blackmore, Richard D. (1825-1900) 1895-12 Atalanta 2356
In Menlo Woods. Rondeau Macnamara, Rachel Swete 1896-05 Atalanta 2368
Sicilian Octaves Japp, Alexander Hay 1896-05 Atalanta 2369
A Song Colborne Veel, Mary 1896-08 Atalanta 2377
Laudate Dominum Brodrick, Alan 1896-09 Atalanta 2378
New Year’s Eve Browning, Alma 1897-01 Atalanta 2393