For a Drinking Fountain

Figure descriptions
A man, a woman, a boy, a girl, and a dog gather at a Gothic-style drinking fountain. The man bends over and pours water from a vessel into the boy’s mouth. The woman holds hands with the girl and stands on a lower step. The fountain is composed of three sections. The water runs out of a spout in the middle section and biblical scenes are depicted in the other sections. Each of the three main sections extends upward into ornamental vertical spires. There are four smaller additional spires behind them. There is a stone wall with vines behind the drinking fountain, and trees and bushes in the background. The drinking fountain scene is contained within a thin wooden border with squared bottom corners and a curved patten at the top. The poem text is contained within a second thin wooden border which extends from the bottom of this scene. The drinking fountain scene and the poem text are contained within an external border, which fills the remaining space of the poem page. The space is outlined in a thin wooden border with a crossed hatch design at the center and decorative curls at the top. The main space of the exterior border is decorated with marshland scenery. There are lily pads and lily flowers on the water and large leafy plants near the shore. Tall cattails rise from behind the water and occupy the full height of the poem page. Full-page illustration.