The Earl’s Love

Figure descriptions
A woman wearing a ruffled collar stands in front of a window. She reaches her arm out in front of her; a dove perches on her hand with its wings outstretched. The top portion of the window is decorated with a stained-glass crest; the lower portions of the window feature geometric patterns. This section of the illustration is partially contained within a single-ruled border. It is then superimposed over a full-page rectangle, which is shaded and contained within a double-ruled border. The top-right section of the illustration is decorated with a foliate pattern. The hand-drawn caption, “THREE NIGHTS AGO SHE LOOSED HER DOVE”, is placed at the bottom of the illustration. Two small flowers appear next to the caption.
The hand-drawn poem title, “THE EARL’S LOVE”, is placed alongside clovers on a wrinkled banner or ribbon. The banner stretches across a circular locket frame that holds a portrait of a woman. The woman is wearing a ruffled collar and is shown from the chest up. 1/3 page.
Facsimile of Katharine Tynan’s signature. 1/32 page.
Multiple knights ride horses. The knights are dressed in full armour and are partially surrounded by trees. The top of a castle is visible in the distance. A flag is raised on one of the castle’s towers. There is a body of water behind the trees in the background. 1/3-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.