Category: Multiple illustrations that are related.

The poem has multiple illustrations that are overtly related to one another, for example in a sequential narrative.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 141
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
Once a Week Brooks, Shirley 1859-07-02 Once a Week 195
Bradmere Pool Stewart, Louisa 1859-10-22 Once a Week 228
Black Monday Fonblanque, Albany Jr. 1859-10-29 Once a Week 230
Fairy May Goodhart, C. W. 1859-11-12 Once a Week 234
Footsteps of Day Hill, Alsager Hay 1859-11-19 Once a Week 236
Bought and Sold Benson, Ralph Augustus 1859-12-10 Once a Week 243
The Bridal of Galtrim Lover, Samuel 1860-01-21 Once a Week 254
Seeking Greenwell, Dora 1860-06 Good Words 337
Once Upon a Time Cook, Eliza 1860-06-30 Once a Week 277
Faristan and Fatima. An Oriental Legend, Done into his mother tongue by E. A. Bowring 1860-09-29 Once a Week 293
Fair and False Montgomery, B. S. 1860-12-22 Once a Week 306
The Death of Œnone Moule, Horace 1860-12-29 Once a Week 422
Take Warning N. J. (poet; Once a Week) 1861-02-16 Once a Week 433
Fair Rosamond. A Fragment. Bulwer-Lytton, Robert (pseudonym “Owen Meredith”) 1861-03-09 Once a Week 435
Effie Gordon Montgomery, B. S. 1861-04-06 Once a Week 439
Shades F. G. (poet; Good Words) 1861-09 Good Words 388
Metempsychosis Short, Paul 1862-03-08 Once a Week 885
Wardie—Spring-time Smith, Alexander 1862-05 Good Words 404
Popular Epithalamium on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales Massey, Gerald 1863-02 Good Words 1572
Eriphanis Pember, Edward Henry 1864-12-03 Once a Week 710
Faded Laurels C. S. C. (Once a Week) 1866-02-17 Once a Week 13408
Harvest E. A. S. (poet; Good Words) 1866-09-01 Good Words 1811
St. George and the Dragon. An Ancient Myth Modernized Craik, Dinah 1866-12-01 Once a Week 13506
New Years Day Goddard, Julia 1867-01-05 Once a Week 12076
St Valentine’s Day Goddard, Julia 1867-02-16 Once a Week 12086
St. Patrick’s Day Lover, Samuel 1867-03-16 Once a Week 12127
Hot Cross Buns.—(After Pope) Goddard, Julia 1867-04-20 Once a Week 12149
May Day Goddard, Julia 1867-05-04 Once a Week 12154
June. Dreaming Goddard, Julia 1867-06-01 Once a Week 12161
St. Swithin. The Legend Goddard, Julia 1867-07-20 Once a Week 13526
August Goddard, Julia 1867-08-17 Once a Week 13537
Michaelmas Day Goddard, Julia 1867-09-28 Once a Week 13552
All Hallow Eve Goddard, Julia 1867-10-26 Once a Week 13564
Guy Fawkes’ Day Goddard, Julia 1867-11-09 Once a Week 13571
Christmas Goddard, Julia 1867-12-28 Once a Week 13587
“Good Words” to the Pitcairn Islanders 1868-01-01 Good Words 1891
Birds of Passage T. (poet; Good Words) 1868-02-01 Good Words 1895
1865—1866 Tennyson, Alfred 1868-03-01 Good Words 1896
Hero Harold Smedley, Menella Bute 1868-03-01 Good Words 1897
Hero Harold Smedley, Menella Bute 1868-04-01 Good Words 1899
Hunting 1868-04-04 Once a Week 12176
My Cid E. S. D. (poet; Once a Week) 1868-12-25 Once a Week 12253
A Ballad Smedley, Menella Bute 1869-01-01 Good Words 1980
Under the Palms Smith, Lucy Caroline (née Cumming) 1869-03-01 Good Words 1986
Epitaph on Agnes Jones. Buried in Fahan Churchyard near Lough Swilly Alexander, William 1869-11-01 Good Words 1998
My Timepiece Turner, Charles Tennyson 1870-01-01 Good Words 2007
The Two Margarets. I.—Margaret by the Mere Side Ingelow, Jean 1870-02-01 Good Words 2009
I.—The Anxious Mother Macleod, Norman 1872 Good Words 2213
The Crusader’s Flower Hervey, Eleanora Louisa 1872 Good Words 2187
The Death of Columba Blackie, John Stuart 1872 Good Words 2205
Vanity Fair Buchanan, Robert Williams 1872 Good Words 2143
Going Away Craik, Dinah 1873 Good Words 2420
Unica Simcox, William Henry 1873 Good Words 2427
Parted 1875-05-08 Once a Week 13738
Skye Nicolson, Alexander 1877 Good Words 2650
Followers with Him Greenwell, Dora 1878 Good Words 2768
At the Grave of Mrs. Carlyle. (Haddington Abbey) Anderson, Alexander 1881 Good Words 3659
The Sunset’s Gate J. C. A. (Good Words) 1881 Good Words 3896
A Friend Sergeant, Adeline 1882 Good Words 3938
On the Kneeling Figure in Malvern Priory Grindrod, Charles 1882 Good Words 3961
Sent Back by the Angels. A Ballad Langbridge, Frederick 1883 Good Words 3979
“The Red, Green, and the Yellow” Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym “Hugh Haliburton”) 1883 Good Words 3978
“Jo” Hine, Maud Egerton 1884 Good Words 4004
Grasmere Anderson, Alexander 1885 Good Words 4346
Pine and Palm Canton, William 1885 Good Words 4366
A Climb at Rouen Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1887 Good Words 5448
Flower Fairies Marston, Philip Bourke 1887-10 Atalanta 1643
The Dairy Maids of Dort Dodge, Mary B. 1887-10 Atalanta 1642
The Wise Men of Gotham Power, Harriet 1887-11 Atalanta 1685
Variations on Nursery Rhymes. Hush-a-bye Baby Strachey, Jane Maria 1887-11 Atalanta 1686
The Drummer Boy of Kent (A Story from the French Wars, 1431) Pratt, Charles Stuart 1887-12 Atalanta 1689
Night-Songs of the Sea Salmon, Arthur Leslie 1888 Good Words 5543
“On Great Waters” Salmon, Arthur Leslie 1888 Good Words 5544
Ballads of All Countries. England. Robin Hood and the Widow’s Sons 1888-01 Atalanta 1711
St. George of England: A National Legend Child-Villiers, Margaret Elizabeth 1888-02 Atalanta 1714
Kilcolman Castle Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1888-03 Atalanta 1768
The Story of An Ambuscade. A Frontier Ballad Hayne, Paul Hamilton 1888-03 Atalanta 1766
A Child Flower Lindsay, Caroline Blanche Elizabeth 1888-04 Atalanta 1772
The Crow and The Fox. Versified from Æsop’s Fables Bates, Clara Doty 1888-04 Atalanta 1771
The First of June King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1888-06 Atalanta 1778
The Little Princess Butt, Geraldine 1888-07 Atalanta 1781
Youth’s Return Aïdé, Hamilton 1888-08 Atalanta 1785
The Squirrel and the Bluebottle Fly Strachey, Jane Maria 1888-09 Atalanta 1825
The Children of Lir Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1888-10 Atalanta 1829
Little Alix. A Story of the Children’s Crusade Woolsey, Sarah Chauncey (pseudonym “Susan Coolidge”) 1888-11 Atalanta 1834
A Castle In Spain Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins 1888-12 Atalanta 1839
The Christmas Fleet Strachey, Jane Maria 1888-12 Atalanta 1840
The Glastonbury Thorn King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1889-01 Atalanta 1842
Two Babes. A Midwinter Bucolic Image, Selwyn 1889-01 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8847
The Cricket Fiddler. A Recitation for Young Violinists. The music to be played, as arranged, after each verse Bates, Clara Doty 1889-02 Atalanta 1845
The Earl’s Love Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1889-04 Atalanta 1885
The Ballad of Pandava Robinson, Agnes Mary Francis 1889-05 Atalanta 1930
The Butterflies’ Pedigree Leith, E. 1889-06 Atalanta 1932
The Stay-At-Home. (After Claudian) Claudian 1889-06 Atalanta 1933
Sweet Home Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1889-08 Atalanta 1939
To a Child of Quality 5 Years Old Prior, Matthew 1889-10 Woman’s World 681
Woods of Warwick Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1889-10 Atalanta 1946
The Roses of St. Elizabeth Tuttiett, Mary Gleed (pseudonym “Maxwell Gray”) 1889-11 Atalanta 1953
Olaf The Sea-King A Scandanavian Ballad Osgood, Kate Putnam 1889-12 Atalanta 1956
Whittington’s Advancement 1889-12 Atalanta 1960
He and I King, Alice 1890 Woman’s World 1046
A Sad Case by an Old Doll Bain, Charlotte 1890-02 Atalanta 1969
Kate Cunningham’s Ride Werner, Alice 1890-05 Atalanta 2032
The Friar of Orders Gray Percy, Thomas 1890-06 Atalanta 2036
The London Necropolis Woking King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1890-08 Atalanta 2043
Will O’ The Wisp Macleod, Mary 1890-11 Atalanta 2053
Sir Walter’s Honor Preston, Margaret J. 1890-12 Atalanta 2059
Town Cats In The Country Macleod, Mary 1890-12 Atalanta 2060
The Bridge of the Hundred Spans Parker, Gilbert 1891 Good Words 4116
Of The Doleful Death, and Dirge, Of Harpalus and Of Phillida’s Love Bestowed On Corin, Who Loved Her Not 1891-01 Atalanta 2062
The Charity of the Countess Kathleen Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1891-02 Atalanta 2065
The Doleful Death and Dirge of Harpalus. (Continued) 1891-02 Atalanta 2069
West End Fair September 1806 Barbauld, Anna Letitia 1891-06 Atalanta 2085
The Flying Dutchman Wagner, Richard 1891-07 Atalanta 2088
A Song of Nereids Noel, Roden 1891-09 Atalanta 2092
The Legend of the Lily Herford, Oliver 1891-11 Atalanta 2163
A Song of Birds Dalziel, L. Beith (pseudonym “Bessie Dill”) 1892 Good Words 5020
Dunnottar Barron, Douglas Gordon 1892 Good Words 4217
The Angels Hallward, Reginald (Reg) 1892-03 Atalanta 2179
April and I Langbridge, Frederick 1892-04 Atalanta 2181
The Walking Doll. By Her Late Owner C. J. M. B. (Atalanta) 1892-06 Atalanta 2198
Elderflower King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1892-10 Atalanta 2224
The Corn-Keeper Housman, Laurence 1892-10 Atalanta 2232
Youth Will Neads Have Dalliance, attributed to King Henry VIII King Henry VIII 1892-10 Atalanta 2227
The Owl-d Homestead Macleod, Mary 1892-12 Atalanta 2247
Nell Latore: A Tale of the Canadian Rebellion of 1885 Parker, Gilbert 1893 Good Words 5031
Summer and Autumn Fancies Canton, William 1893 Good Words 15912
The Apple-Trees 1893 Good Words 15911
Royal Heart Housman, Laurence 1893-01 Atalanta 2250
The Life-Lamp Nesbit, Edith, Barron, Oswald 1893-05 Atalanta 2264
Sir Lancelot at the Forest Chapel Tuttiett, Mary Gleed (pseudonym “Maxwell Gray”) 1893-10 Atalanta 2281
Under Sail Briss, Vida 1894 Good Words 5064
The Flower-War of the Fairies Foster, Will 1894-06 Atalanta 2306
Mount Arafa. In Two Parts Blackmore, Richard D. (1825-1900) 1894-10 Atalanta 2314
Poem by Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth I 1894-10 Atalanta 2316
Mount Arafa. In Two Parts Blackmore, Richard D. (1825-1900) 1894-11 Atalanta 2319
The Lost Embassy Nesbit, Edith 1895-02 Atalanta 2328
Childhood Reid, John 1896 Good Words 5107
Penelope Japp, Alexander Hay 1896-07 Atalanta 2374
The Lion And The Mouse. Versified from Aesop’s Fables Bates, Clara Doty 1896-12 Atalanta 2390
A Fisher-Boy McKendrick, John Gray 1900 Good Words 15011