Figure descriptions
A man and a boy grasp arms and look into each other’s eyes on a city street. It is raining. The boy is poor and barefoot; his hat and broom stick lie on the ground at his feet. The man is identified in the poem text as a navvy. There are multiple figures in the background. A woman and her dog cross the street toward the central figures. She holds an umbrella. Across the street, a man holds an umbrella to shield himself and a boy from the rain. Men in hats and long coats walk on the side walks. There is a horse-drawn carriage in the distance. The street is lined with lamp posts and building façades. 2/3-page illustration partially contained within a dark, medium-weight border.
A nurse leans over to tend to a boy in a sick bed. The boy holds his hands to his chest and looks up at the woman. 1/10-page illustration contained within a single-ruled circular border.