The Corn-Keeper

Figure descriptions
A man and a boy stand together in a corn field. The poem text identifies the man as a Blight and the boy as the soul of s sleeping child (pictured in the second illustration). The boy turns away from the man as the man adjusts the boy’s cape. Buildings line the background and there are mountains in the distance. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Four women and an old man gather around a boy who sleeps in a bed. The bed is placed directly below a window. Through the window, a man can be seen farming. One woman sits at the head of the bed and holds the child’s hand. Two of the other women lean over the side of the bed and look at the child. The last woman closes her eyes and holds her hands to her forehead. The old man stands in the background at the foot of the bed. This portion of the illustration is contained within a double-ruled border. The hand-drawn poem title, “The Corn-Keeper”, is placed between the lines of the border along the top edge. The hand-drawn illustration caption, “One corn stem they gave him to hold, A slender sceptre headed with gold”, is placed between the lines of the border along the bottom edge. Stylized hearts, flowers, and ribbons are spread throughout the border. 1/2 page.
A man leans over and plucks a flower from water. He holds stalks of corn in his other hand, and holds them against his body. He is mostly nude and his long hair drapes on the ground. A banner with a Greek phrase is placed above his body. 1/2 page.